XLR8_BOMBER — Unlimited Sms And Call Bombing Tool For Termux

XLR8_BOMBER Tool for Termux
XLR8_BOMBER - SMS Bomber Tool For Termux

Hey Buddy I'm Back here with another interesting Tutorial in this tutorial we are going to teach you how to install Unlimited Sms Bombing Tool in Termux. 

I hope Many people are Know that what is  Termux and what are the use of Termux if you don't know then let's discuss it first. Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically - additional packages are available using the APT package manager. 

What is a XLR8_BOMBER ?

If you have knowledge about hacking then you may know that most fatal Hacker attack is DOS (Denial of service) attack . XLR8_BOMBER Tool is a Dos attack tool for SMS. It sends 250 and calls on someone's phone so that they can't use there phone properly. If you're looking for sms Bombing tool for Termux then try this tool you'll definitely like this tool. 

This Post Is Made for Educational purpose only don't miss use of this tool or don't use it for taking revenge to someone. Use it only for fun purpose.

Install XLR8_BOMBER In Termux 

Before Installing Sms Bomber Tool in Termux make sure you have the latest version Of Termux — Click Here To Download . Please Download It from official Website playstore version is no longer support Latest Updates.

STEP – 1

For Installing XLR8_BOMBER / Sms Bombing Tool in Termux Please Copy paste The Below Command and press Enter . 
 apt update && apt upgrade -y; pkg install git -y ; git clone https://github.com/anubhavanonymous/XLR8_BOMBER; 

You have successfully installed Xlr8_bomber in Termux now follow the below steps carefully for using this tool . 

STEP – 2 

Now we need to change the directory to the XLR8_BOMBER folder for this copy paste the below commands on your Termux.


STEP – 3 

To run this tool you just have to run the xlr8.sh file in termux and the tool will automatically install the requirements and then after installation, it will run the actual tool. Keep in mind that if you restart termux then you first need to change your directory to the XLR8_BOMBER folder then you can follow these steps.

bash xlr8.sh

STEP – 4

Now you need to select option 1 for SMS and call bombing just type one and press Enter to start SMS and call bombing.

STEP – 5 

Here you will have to enter the phone number of the Victim, If you are from India then you can directly type phone number without country code but if you are out of India, give this tool a try with your country code, if it doesn't work then you have TBOMB and yetanothersmsbomber. after you enter the phone number and press enter, the SMS flooding will start and if you wanna stop it then you need to press CTRL + C on your Keyboard.


Here i have shared Xlr8_bomber /  Sms Bombing Tool for Termux . May be this tool work only for india if you're from other country please comment below I'll made another Tutorial for you.