Who is Mukesh Ambani?

 Mukesh Ambani, complete, Mukesh Ambani, was born on April 19, 1957, In Aden, Yemen), is an Indian businessman, who is originally from Yemen, who is the President and Managing Director of the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), one of the leading company of the Indian energy and materials conglomerate Reliance Group. 

Ambani was one of the four sons of Instagram Ambani, who used to work for the first time, as a filling station worker. Due to the increasingly unstable political situation in the Gulf of Aden, and the family moved there in 1958, and the Instagram, near Bombay (now Mumbai), where they lived in a chawl (a municipal building, is that it has a low-rent for two-bedroom apartments. In the same year, and Instagram, and his cousin founded the Reliance Commercial corporation, that grew out of a raw file in the first instance, driving in a one-bedroom rental in the area is in the GROOVE. 

Ambani received a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the ?????????? the university currently ?????????? for the university, and then earned a Master's degree in Business Administration from Stanford University. However, he left the program in 1981 to join the family business, where he worked in the management of the company, are used in a wide range of fields, including communication, infrastructure and other, ??????????, in oil refineries, polyester, polyamide fibre, and production of oil and natural gas. In 2004, he was selected as one of the most well-respected leaders in the world of the professional, company and Price waterhouse coopers. 

Following Instagram's death in 2002, Ambani and his brother Anil took over joint administration of the Trust. However, for a dispute between the brothers, and the control of their mother, Instagram Ambani, the break-up of the Dependence of the goods to a non-competition agreement (2006-10), on the basis of which, Mukesh, took control of the GROOVE of the gas -, oil -, and petrochemical units, under the auspices of the Trust and confidence of the Group. Ambani is credited with the creation of the world's largest oil refinery, as well as initiating the creation of many state-of-the-art facilities, which are also significantly increased in CREASE of the means of production. In 2006, he was selected as one of the Co-Chair of the india Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF)—an international organization consisting of a number of prominent business leaders, politicians, and the politicians, academics, philanthropists, and the trade-union activists and representatives of non-profit organisations that meet annually to discuss the international trade, economic development, and political issues, and important social issues. The following year, he became India's rupee trillionaire. 

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In 2007, the Economic downturn, the Press Trust of India news agency, together with the name of Ambani, the richest person in the world. The following year, he created the Mumbai Indians, an Indian Premier League cricket team. In 2010, he was elected as a member of the Board of the WEF Foundation.


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