We sailed KOMODO ISLAND (DO NOT come alone)


this might look like a picture-perfect

island but what you might not realize

is that this is also home to a ferocious

man-eating predator indonesia's komodo

islands are not the kind of place you

visit without a guide

but for those who are willing to risk it

for the biscuit these islands are some

of the most beautiful out there

having just visited the volcanic craters

in the east of flores we sprinted back

to our flight coming closer to missing

it than any other flight i've had before

and we got back just in time to start a

three-night cruise through the islands

with our friends

and so begins the adventure of a




and here comes ruby's suitcase shut up

it's yours too okay two of those

and welcome home for the next three


as we travel through the komodo islands

let the sailing begin

this is our boat the samara ii and it

was actually just renovated i think like

this week so we are basically the first

people to experience it

like this we've got four bedrooms on

this thing it can sleep up to 10 people

and this boat is just stunning oh you're

captain captain

round of applause yeah our ship manager

hello margo hello christian i'm so

unbelievably excited for this trip and

this weather we can't take this for

granted this trip was pushed back

cancelled two times in a row because of

bad weather

but we decided to wait it out and hope

that things would clear up and today is

just one of those picture perfect

sailing days

blue skies as far as the eye can see


what you see oh my gosh

wow no offense i just saw them

let's hope they come back

wow that looks so good amazing

this is the official start of the trip



all right our first little trip let's go

so there's a lot of places around the

world where they say

pink rock blue rock and you get there

and you're disappointed you're like no

maybe there's a slight hue but nothing


but this place deserves the title pink

rock island

look at this i've never seen any rock

formation like this

pretty pink hey chris this is really

pink how would you rate the pink rock

at super pink very pink 10 out of 10.

10 out of 10 wood pink again honestly

you don't need to go to mars just come




wow wow wow that not the most beautiful

sunset you've ever seen

that is the most beautiful sunset i've

ever seen

here we are in the middle of the komodo

islands a dream come true

and the truth is i don't feel fully

present right now

it comes as no surprise that this is

just one part of my life there's always

things going on behind the scenes and

sometimes those things suck

and one of the things that's been going

on right now has been an ongoing

copyright battle with

my most important video ever and

unfortunately it seems like i've lost

the battle if today was my last day

this would be my message has been

removed now on the bright side

this is one of the iconic komodo island

sunset spots

and it's not just because of the sunset

it's because of this

those aren't any birds those are

actually giant

bats and they're all heading off to go

find their prey for the night




dinner time wow

oh sorry sorry


so we've asked them to turn off all the

lights because tonight and probably

every night here

the stars are amazing

good morning beautiful people good

morning everyone

spirits are so high right now we got up

at like 5 a.m

ruby and i woke up outside our

stargazing position turned to our

sleeping position

and i woke up because you pushed me

you're like get out

wake up and we have just arrived here at

one of the most iconic islands of this


area this is padar island and apparently

in the past year or two

komodo dragons have swam their way over

here so

keep an eye open because one of us could

become komodo snacks

so the hike up it's really just like a

little baby hike to get up

22 minutes but we're gonna turn into ten

smiles on our faces

everyone wave and say yay wow

look at that guy good morning

so pretty hey you are very pretty


oh look who's using this handle rick's

gotta create a vision he's either gonna

look like a creative genius or

pretty shitty but we're gonna try maybe

it looks really cool actually

one two

dude this photo better be good so i was

prepared for komodo dragons having to

defend myself

luckily i've got a couple of guns but

what i wasn't prepared for

is that the real danger here is actually

snakes there's been

two people max being one of them that

screamed out snake

and then the people who are working here

come running out with sticks to try to

scare the snakes away

if you're uh scared of snakes then i

don't know if i'd come here

it's worth the risk i think you think

yes it is

go first so i don't get bit there's a

snake right here go

i'm a snack this is a must visit

destination if you make it to indonesia

this is actually not an anomaly there's

lots of islands like this if you take a

boat out and you don't go to the most

commonly visited places

you will find just as beautiful

mountains and islands as this

goodbye to this insanely beautiful

island i know i'll be coming back one


wait what happened that eagle over there

that eagle yeah

it took the the drone and threw it on

the water

were you recording yeah oh we have to

find it

eagle grab the drone like you're a drone


it's like this is the most important

retrieval mission of all time

good luck


the only thing that matters

oh yes one of the best things so far

about this trip has been the food

it's actually been super good lots of

seafood a bit of chicken

fresh vegetables and everything has like

a bit of a home-cooked touch

i'm impressed we have three nights here

on the ship you don't want to be stuck

eating food that's not good


have you guys ever seen a happier


i haven't

this is uh it's one of those amazing

days and we're unhinging our creativity

we've got the sun just chilling this is

the hawk that uh so lovingly took your


and this will be turned into an nft and

the bidding is starting down below

so go check that out it's gonna go quick

and it's gonna go for

millions of dollars but if you've been

saving up i definitely recommend it it's

gonna hold its value

that boat looks like it's about to be

the titanic headed straight for an


and we are just a few hundred meters

away from the iconic komodo national


and this is where you'll see the dreaded


a living dinosaur that's way of killing

its prey

is to maul them let the saliva that has

toxins in it

slowly break down the prey's body and


over a matter of days it slowly feasts

on their prey

it actually doesn't kill it because it

knows that if it kills its prey

the meat will all go bad in a matter of

two days so instead it slowly eats away

at the creature

as it tries to get away and then once

it's finally paralyzed it actually just

nibbles on it basically enjoying its

meal but

not finishing it off until it's time

that'll be you today

yeah it's so bright in the boat

the light reflecting is like a second

surface of the sun

and so our fearless explorers go

in search of the komodo dragons look at

the fear

look at it look at the fear you're

supposed to be scared

so we've arrived in the land of the


reptile i'll be honest when you want

this experience you would think oh i'm

going to show up at this island and it's

going to be scary

it's going to be dangerous but then the

first thing you see is just gift shops

gift shops everywhere the slowest person

gets eaten

this is our power ranger abby tell me

the scariest story of working here come


chase me so i you know i bring the stick

oh yeah you've got to get a stick stick

on the neck of komodo dragons yeah

so you just go you stopped it the dragon

is dangerous

but when you are full of the rules and

regulation on this part

you are safe because the komodos respect

rules good

good that's good

everybody stay behind abdi he's our

guardian angel

and he's so brave

get the stick we were just being

explained the last time somebody died

from their wounds here was 2017 and it

was actually a photographer from


and he went off on his own and uh he

encountered a komodo

he died in the hospital from the venom

because there's 15

kinds of bacteria in the saliva of the

komodo how do you and your family get

around komodo national park safely

we are born on these islands and then

you're grow up with

komodo dragons it's just like you know

it's normal family

if we were a show who would be the first

character to die off

one of the biggest spiders i've ever

seen that is the king

spider what do you think max i'm more

scared of spiders than he is

we've been walking for a little bit but

the reality is there's no guarantees

you'll see them

this morning he saw it once the second

tour he did he didn't see him at all

ruby's got her sick i feel safe

i don't see a thing he says he saw one

chilling it's a big one

right next door both oh my gosh

holy are you kidding me it's so

big wow my man is living the life he's

chilling he must have eaten recently

they can go 30 days without eating until

they get their next meal so they'll lose

like half their body weight in that


and then they'll eat like a water

buffalo or a deer or something else on

this island didn't you say that that's

how they attack their prey they pretend

to be very tired and lazy

like this yes

that's like a prize trophy for one of

these komodos

everyone ran away it let out the most


deep menacing noise it was like

everyone's sprinted and then he's like

don't run and ruby kept running

why are you running i have mystic that's


we survived the komodo dragons but will

we survive

the gift shops she loves komodo dragons

it's her favorite

no i'm okay no thank you

cannon i survived i was really starting

to question if we would see them at all

as we were getting to the end of the


and so i'm very very happy we did i'm

not gonna lie guys i was a little on

edge at some points going down that thin

little path with like no escape route

but the thing i feared most was the

thought of this being the final episode

in our series together

that's how much i love you guys so smash

that subscribe button

buy my merch i don't have any merch i

lost creator academy

i love you


so right now it is time to grab some

fins and masks because we're taken

to the water wow we are just having the

best of luck amazing weather everything

is lining up

and now we have a giant group of manta

rays all swimming against the current

and the current is so strong

that we basically have to get driven all

the way up the current dropped off and

we have that like one little chance to

get a shot

all right we are now in manta point i'm

ready okay

can we go


i've never had mantles like that in my

life that was so incredible

and now we're all headed to a private

little island called makassar where we

will watch

sunset from and we've also got these

are you serious this is one of the most

dreamy things i've ever seen that

shallow water with the sunset

oh thank you very much chris okay i'm

going to show you the trick that

chris taught me how to open a bin tack


sorry ladies but uh i'm taken

that was so incredible on the way back

we had bioluminescent plankton

as the boat was going through the water

it was just blue on both sides as we

jetted across

ah tonight has been insane dude

this is the best part you come back from

a day trip and waiting for you is

insanely delicious food this is

honestly going down already as one of my

favorite travel experiences i've had

just to be able to be in the middle of

the world's most beautiful destination

having all the comfort that you need and

to be surrounded by amazing friends

this is one of those moments that i will

look back on years from now

and remember with a big smile it's been

nothing but amazing moments on this

entire trip


so everybody got absolutely destroyed by


i can feel insane amounts of heat coming

off of my neck

my back kande is looking very red

the thing is i don't want to give up one

of our last days here

on the water we've got all sorts of

turtles tortugas right beneath us

so i'm gonna just wear this shirt in the

water try to do a little bit of creative


and i'll take you with me i'm gonna get

the underwater camera all set up

uh so we have a casualty

i had a campaign with a camera that

camera's right now in the what what the


hey does anyone know that there's a

gopro up here ah

i'm like up here vlogging and i'm like

wait a second i've been looking for this

bad moment have you been looking for it

it passed one hour he was like

hey only one only one

everybody has to take a drink and pass

it around that's all we've got left

we went through our 24 pack pretty quick


this is just one of the most peaceful


ways to end a trip and yeah it's blown

by so quickly as it always does

and i actually have some really good

news that came in tonight sort of

it's still unbelievably frustrating but

my youtube video

has been returned the claimant of the

copyright strike

took it back it was returned but not

after the video being gone for a full

eight hours

my big concern now is will the video

ever perform the same way

is it gonna mess up its reach i don't

have the answers to that but all i know

is that youtube really failed me as a

creator as a business partner with the


and i'm shocked to have to come to this

the fact that i had to have a lawyer i


tons of money doing it and ultimately it

was me that ended up fixing things by

talking to the person that made the


finally getting a hold of them and

youtube did nothing

absolutely nothing their partner program

is basically a facade it does nothing

for you they just send you

articles that are already available

online anyways it's

a relatively happy ending and this is


best way to end a trip and this entire

trip has been here on the samara live


and i know that i'll be coming back to

the komodo islands one day

there's so much that i want to do and

bring especially my family


all right bye guys bye adios

kodakai are you guys there it's time to

get the dogs

oh my goodness let's go

come on come on

oh my goodness oh my goodness back in

bali and that's where i'm gonna end

today's video guys if you enjoyed it

hit that like button and if you want to

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and guys let's get lost again in the

next one


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