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 morning guys and welcome to our first

ever vlog today we're going to give you

a bit of an insight as to what it's like

living our daily lives as we travel from

Canada down to Panama we're currently in

Tulum Mexico so let's get into it first

things first I'm gonna wake up morning

it has the quality of this one so today

we are going to go into a beach that's a

little bit off the beaten path and we

were told about it by some friends it's

a long drive and a bumpy road to get

there so we're gonna bring you along for

that but first we need to stock up on

some groceries stock up on some gas so

let's get going

so guys since we're keeping it really

real with you we're going to show you a

morning view


and if you look we aren't the only

campers taking advantage of this lovely

car park is a nice French family so the

nice thing about waking up in a car park

over a supermarket is definitely the

ability to go shopping first thing in

the morning and also use it bathrooms


Aki has assumed his regular position in

the van ready for today's drive ready

for adventure all right let's go

who are these guys hiding they're smart

they've actually chosen the spots that

are getting morning shade okay so we

finished our supermarket shop we almost

got everything we needed we just have to

get a few more fruits and vegetables so

hopefully in our hour-and-a-half drive

we see a little Tien down the side of

the road we have shoes you prefer

getting our vegetables and fruit from

the side of the road should always saw

ya supermarkets don't have the most

fresh fruits and vegetables anyway and

we'd rather support local instead of

these big department stores but it's

also just convenient when you wake up

there to get most of the dry food

packages so we're getting gas at the

moment hopefully find some more fruit

vegetable on the road and then we're

heading off to the


so diesel over here in Mexico is more

expensive in Canada and the US if you

see her six month budget video you'll

know that diesel is one of our largest

costs with anything about that Aki Aki

doesn't care

talk to us and pay for fast vodka

doesn't pay for anything



yes sounds good

so it looks like we're not the only ones

you taste good way to go Beach today

there is a camper from Argentina so her

first pickup of the day where we were

going today it was called food to Alan

and it was a peninsula that broke off

just south of Tulum it is an ecological

reserve and we did read online a lot of

mixed reviews whether you've been bring

a dog Fahrenheit so we thought we'd

figure it out for ourselves we just got

there and unfortunately we did not a lot

of rain Aki in so that's been a bummer

but that's okay we're just going to

redirect and head to another spot that

we were going to go to afterwards which

just means we're going there sooner than

later and I'm gonna buckle oh yeah so

it's called the Gouda buckle our if

you've heard of it

or been there seen pictures it looks

exceptional and we're still very excited


I guess the other spot which is not

meant to be



so we took a little pit stop for the

side of the road at the moment max

really wanted some pineapple and this is

video evidence that max has never cut a

pineapple before because look how much

he cut off as the outer skin layer this

is all valuable goods right here what do

you say for yourself

I'll rescue it we just saw sake if he

wants to hop aside for pee on a little

break and he's so comfortable on his

pillow on binge memory foam that he

doesn't go anywhere

all aboard so this is co-piloting duties


and three driver

Akeelah wind in his bird






so we just ride where we're gonna have

lunch let's check it out together


not bad


what's for lunch today chef today we are

gonna have a quinoa salad with a bit of

a quick hot day so what we have is from

the other day we have the salad all cut


we have cucumber carrots pumpkin seed

onion cranberries tomato tomahto and

we're gonna add some quinoa avocado and

make a dressing for


Oh fingers crossed

sorry for those of you that didn't

already suspect it Lee is actually the

main cook in the kitchen

that's not trying to gender role or

anything I'm just really hopeless in the

kitchen I am trying to learn you're

learning I'm trying to learn and doing

my best I'm really poor it coming out

with my own ideas and I like to stick to

things I know old habits die hard but

giving it a go


we are gonna set off on foot to see if

there's somewhere we can get in for a


get this pooch wet and cool down for the






boy good boy






I'm intrigued with the strawberry


you excited simular not your first time

I think



what are you thank you here from Mexico


okay and we travel to to the mother's


three years ago yeah boom yeah good it's

amazing in this dairy-free okay I guess

we better pay for it

[ __ ] yeah well that was a successful day

beautiful afternoon we went for a swim

and got some ice cream

what's the plan now make sure that it

works for us and if not we'll get back

on iover landry looking for more we've

just turned on the engine and someone

already tuckered out and ready to go to

sleep okay back to our trusty iover

lander we spent the afternoon right in

the middle of the back Bakalar and we

are gonna drive down and check out all

the way it's really not the far just

looks far to this little camp spot here

to see if we can stay there for the

night let's go

so we just got to our campsite for the

night it's the free one that we found on

Io Verlander and we ran into our French

Charlie who we met way earlier North in

San Pancho in Mexico so I'll show you

the lake tell us about what you're doing

another reason we like to find these

free camps that are far away from the

touristy areas that we can let off be

really leave himself we don't have the

time up he can wander in the bushes and

roll in the grass eat the grass play

with this ball just then all three of us

really enjoy they can't be not just

enough so it's a team thing Camp Rock do

you like our campsite buddy


so as I mentioned earlier I may not be

the best cook but here is where my

expertise really comes in dishwashing

duty and after I do these dishes from

lunch we're going to get into dinner all

right so we're finally making dinner

it's 8:30 which is a lot later than we

normally have dinner but we enjoy the

afternoon the Sun went down and backs of

the dishes and then we are just met a

local and I had a conversation and we're

making portobello mushroom burgers

tonight so I'll show you before do


you could start a fire



as you saw this morning we had overnight


so let me get into showing you how to




so that's pretty much it for the arts

the only other thing I would add we

didn't have any nuts left like almonds

pecans normally we had one of those also

once you set it in the fridge leave it

overnight as the name suggests in the

morning make sure you add some good old

proper maple syrup and those bad boys it

good to go


well guys good night it's been a fun day

and we hope that you have any of these

joining us now so we're in bed why are

we selling clothes I don't know how is

stealing clothes well normally at this

point both Lee and I had probably read a

book maybe go on YouTube the answer some

comments do something like that

but to be honest guys doing a normal day

in van life and filming it as well is

much more tiring than just leaving a

normal day of van life I don't know

I'm bloody exhausted and I'm going

straight to sleep alright guys if you

liked the video subscribe to our Channel


weird you're tired if you liked it let

us know what you thought and we hope it

gave everybody wanted to know what a day

in the life is like some more insight




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