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 Amancio Ortega Gaona was born on March 28, 1936, Busdongo de Arbas, Spain) is a Spanish fashion designer and founder (in 1985), the Spanish apparel merchandiser Inditex (Industria de Diseño Textil, s. (a.), which includes the Zara chain of retail stores. 

As a young man, in La Coruña, in the north-west of Spain, and It had access to, the apparel company, operating as a bell boy at a boy's shirt shop and a tailor's assistant-a job that is? ????????? the costs for the production and delivery of your clothes directly to the customer. Later, he ran a clothing shop, and just as with the men, shirt shop, was a wealthy clientele. It saw an opportunity to expand its customer base through the application of less expensive materials and efficient manufacturing systems, as well as competitive, clothing, and prices. For the first time, I decided to try this approach to get in the bath, business, Confecciones Goa, which I founded in the year 1963. 

It was the first Print, the ready-to-wear shop in a Coruña in 1975, and it was not only a world-renowned supply chain, but it is also a feature of the Inditex holding company, of which he was the founder has 10 years down the line. He was the owner of the holding company, created in 2008, in addition to Print, including in the notice, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Uterqüe, Massimo Dutti and Oysho. The activities of all the Inditex were based on the so-called "fast fashion" concept at fashion shows, trend-spotters are picked-up ideas, along with in-house designers have been copied from the very best concepts for efficient production operations, Inditex, the majority of which were in Spain, and the new models have been created in the shops, in just a few weeks after they were seen on the catwalks. In an era when most of the clothing manufacturers, outsourced production to China and other low-wage countries, Inditex is produced as two-thirds of the dress, in Spain and the surrounding countries. 



For the new items from the Zara stores were not only limited to the traditional seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer, and, on the contrary, they spent most of their time throughout the year, once a week. Styles that do not sell quickly be removed from the shelves. The concept of "fast fashion," and was so popular with shoppers that Tap, which has more than 1000 stores all over the world, who spent relatively little on advertising. 

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Although It enjoyed a huge success in the sector, which will be introduced to the public the images and the ads; he refused and the pressure is on, and lived a strict life. On the day of the Inditex, public offerings, in 2001, It was, it seems, works in a simple, easy scheduling, and a dinner in the company cafeteria, regardless of the fact that his net worth had grown to $ 6 billion. In 2008, Inditex, it was the world's largest online clothing retailer, it has around 4,000 stores in 70 countries around the world. Ortega, meanwhile, has grown to become one of the world's biggest billionaires. In 2011, he resigned as the Chairman of the Board of directors of Inditex, and remained with the company to retain a majority stake.


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