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 hi guys it's 11 november

and i'm just about to take my covet test

again for the second time because we're

going to molly's day after tomorrow

ooh on friday and the kobe guys come

right now

covet guy so let's do this


what was that like i can't with over

tests anymore

but for me it's the throat part that is

very difficult like i just i cannot like

i just want to vomit um the nose is

still better but

yeah what part for you is difficult have

you taken the cover test and what do you

feel about it let me know

uh i put this like really thick hairband

away from my face i

need to use a sheet mask i'm going to

use the cucumber hydrating sheet mask it

said hydrating so i'm going to use this

by the face shop

uh yeah and my face is so

dry at the moment like there's dryness

here there's skin peeling off of my nose

i don't know if it's visible but

i'm so dry like there are these moments

in the year where i'll just be

dry and no amount of hydrating solutions

do anything for me because i don't know i think it's the weather change so i'm just gonna do the best i can for my skin right now i'm staying away from makeup dude like it's not looking good makeup is not looking good on dry skin it's cold i need it today i can tell you i'm gonna sit with this for like 10-15 minutes are you excited i'm super excited yeah he's been excited ready since yesterday can't even imagine what molly's is going to be like it's always been through the phone i've lived through it watching suniva's like pictures and everything and just

like hoping one day i'd be there manifestation you know what i'm saying like it's always vision think about it like someday someday and then here you go so cool they said there's no flight to mali they're legit it's like there's no international flight where are you going oh my god it says 13th november 9 a.m exactly go ahead a month ago they're saying there's no flight to mali and i don't understand foreign okay so basically the flight has been rescheduled to tomorrow and we missed the message akhil missed the message um so now we have we don't know what to do we're like waiting right here we're wondering what the hell to do because it's over time you can't really do much literally when they met i say like malay there's no flight to mali today and we're like what so it's tomorrow we're trying to figure a return uh we'll worst comes to us we'll get three nights and mollies and not four that's the worst case scenario which is not bad at all but we don't know the return dates either they have shifted our return as well or they've kept the same return they have very very few flights so it's like i can't even push it to a further date because i'm booking is only till a certain time so like i'm very like confused now what's gonna happen we have no idea what's happening it's okay it's okay it's okay three nights no problem we gotta look at the bright side so we're leaving the airport this has never happened to us ever at least to me i think even him scovid times what can you do like [Music] it is what it is three nights no problem how are you feeling that now that your flight has moved i'm feeling amazing more time with my mumbai cars rubbish he was very upset but it is what it is and just have to move on in life because what can you do about it sometimes you have no control over situations and you have to deal you know see the light in the darkness because you will find it we're not flying to maldives today but the light is coming on tomorrow time to eat breakfast that's what i'm thinking poetry here we come old-fashioned pancakes and an omelette what do you guys think you're gonna see this after it's done so you're right yeah i'm thinking this can be a whole vlog in itself a whole day of what happened guys check out malay maldives we just landed it looks very much like tabai but i'm loving the vibe i'm waiting for the beach [Music] okay is [Music] [Music] so you know guys i would live to live in a world where no packet has any mrp written you just walk in you see what you like you get it and that's the world malaka lives in even though she's like oh yeah this looks cool and she just gets it like how much could it be like you know what i'm saying like how much could it be how much could it be that i would say no to it but there's actually a really cool lesson there the reality is that you know in the grand scheme of things you don't you don't make or break your life on these small purchases it's the big wins or the big losses that make your make or break your life and so if we sort of make those decisions right then these small ones eventually fade away life lesson the source of all experiences is within you [Music] good morning everybody it is 14th november and it's finally the day to fly to maldives yesterday was a bummer because you guys know oh cancel cancelled but yeah it's 6 36 in the morning and i just woke up showered i like to wake up a little earlier than everybody else in this case a kill and i took a shower and i just did my hair a little bit you know just re-revived it re-blow-dried it and straighten it i just like my hair to be a little blow dry um i feel a little sorted and then i just applied some batiste instant hair fresh dry shampoo this is amazing for dry shampoo i just it smells amazing and it's just like if your hair is oily it just soaks up all the oil just for that moment until you can have a shower again so it makes me feel fresh as well so yeah that's what i'm doing and we're almost done my skin has been very very dry lately like ultimate dry i'm just i don't know what to even apply on my face because it's kind of burning as well and i think it's because of the weather to be honest with you i have this nika skin portion oil just opened it two days ago to test it out but a lot of you were telling me indians that you guys have dry skin as well and you're battling that i'm just gonna apply some eye cream this is the collagen and pomegranate volume lifting eye cream just a little bit i'm taking a glam glow glow starter all of this is in my front drawer for like a quick pick me up [Music] it says molly finally finally you guys we checked in you know what that means that means we're finally going to maldives today no we might reach mala airport and then the guy the sea plane he might say yeah i came yesterday no that can't happen the international airport is empty um barely any people you can count them on your fingers so it feels a little safe and clean i'm standing in line for breakfast i want to eat italy a boring starts in the next 15 minutes so i need to hurry the f up can you see the airport it's like pura khali khali completely empty take a look it's closed look at that hi guys we got these kits um that we are not wearing because it's very like suffocating um with the shield and everything but you don't you don't really have to wear it as long as you're wearing a mask it's completely fine just giving you additional information [Music] once you reach to there my colleagues are waiting for you from the lobby okay thank you thank you we're in a tesla the door look at that yeah hi guys we just landed now we're going to the suniva lounge we're in a tesla it's my first time in a tesla so it's very exciting super bougie you had no wait time at all you just had to like push through welcome to cinema lounge thank you so much [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys we're in the suniva lounge and it's beautiful we have a two hour waiting because there are other people that have to come and then we'll fly off so yeah we're gonna chill and then we've done all right guys so we're heading to the seaplane that's gonna take us to maldives where the mali airport right uh port right now we wear it for two hours and yeah caught up with some amazing people say hi oh we see the seaplane [Music] look [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we reached the island that's malvika right there we give all our guests the shoe bag just to put the shoes inside because [Music] is [Music] so insane [Music] we're walking bare feet it's a bare feet island yeah no one wears slippers apparently just feel the sand wow keyboard slowly [Music] oh my god you guys you have no idea what is in front of me right now are you ready to see oh my god this is a villa oh this is completely insane [Music] this is the quarantine villa oh my god look at the dinner table yeah that's what's telling you that's the slide coming from the bedroom upstairs holy crap oh my god this is going to be incredible we are just going to be here forget it's amazing that's a view [Music] unreal you guys unreal we're like in the middle of water like there's nothing else but pani with the bb legit you can just like jump there my hair has become shadow in this weather oh the bedroom walking away your words are lost on me it's taking everything not to turn around throw it away see if you'll let go of me when [Music] this is so amazing you guys what's the wi-fi let's go all these people let's call some people make them jelly hi guys so we just changed into our swimming it's raining oh my gosh it's raining um the dates we chose all three days are heavy rains um so yeah we get to see the sun in the day but we landed late he's wearing the gopro and he's about to go in [Music] guys he's wearing the gopro and he's gonna go down the slide you know how deep it is now you've just gone all right bro forget him come on what the [Music] we've ordered some cocktails and raspberry and chocolate sorbet all right guys so we're about to go for breakfast there are two bikes that we have to ride along this path like exactly he's doing and then find the breakfast spot yeah i can't ride a bike i left it back there i'm walking now unfortunately i haven't been taught these skills as a kid and now i don't even know how to like grasp onto them i did it in goa but this is like there's an edge you know and i can't really find balance now [Music] this is where the breakfast is hi baby so cute hey guys this is the place where we've come for breakfast finally we can be out in the open because we test the negative that's the indian ocean bakery we've got some other stations right here for breakfast we've got some different waters here we've got orange water lemon water curry leaf water mint water vanilla and apple like all different sorts of paneer and then yeah that's so beautiful come on see this i love looking at the greenery of all of this oh he's there hi what is that what is this dosa dosa yum this is mass station you know what i'm saying so what else is [Music] foreign [Music] hi guys we're just gonna um rent some snorkeling equipment sanitizing my hands who is trying snorkeling today i don't know how to swim i don't know how to bicycle i don't know how to swim [Music] i haven't yes and i love the water [Music] exactly we're seeing a lot of different places in the villa um like a vegan restaurant then we picked up the snorkeling equipment now we're going to barabara the barabara is today the sun is out thank you lord thank you jesus that's what i prayed family can you please be sunny lord i'm here for just two days so he like replied back and he's like yes dota i will bring the sun upon you [Music] second time we're going up to the slide because he's going to [Music] dude the water's very choppy and uncontrollable and it's very high tide today it's like you can't control your body and i'm wearing her life jacket because i don't know how to swim really well and uh yeah it's i can't control myself when i'm down i'm like oh i'm like those floaties on a car showroom that's why i am i'm not a very elegance like diver we're going for snorkeling now lord knows in this choppy freaking weather we're doing snorkeling but it's the first time i'm gonna be doing snorkeling so let's see darling how that works but for now just like roaming in the villa hi guys we're going snorkeling for the first time oh nervous walking away your words are lost on me it's taken everything not to turn around throw it away see if you'll let go of me when you're not holding me [Music] but if i'm gonna lose it [Music] i'm like oh i've been doing this a long time lost in my head i don't care i'm not gonna lose [Music] i'm not gonna lose this [Music] but if i'm gonna lose but if i'm gonna go [Music] is [Applause] anything i say will come off is wrong and you're not alone [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] guys this is the master bed and the roof just opened up what guys we're just setting up for dinner i feel wanted to sit by the beach the beach is there it's quite dark but thank you so much [Music] perfect [Music] [Music] i want like a small portion of the pineapple mango ravioli and and we have two of us any ordering dessert for like six people desert dessert just check like if you if you can get small portions then i want to try the ice coconut raspberry cream but yeah anything else yes [Music] right from the tree wow that's spicy it's spicy yeah so we're about to order some yummy food look far away [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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