Indian Foods | Part - 2

                                                  THE INDIAN FOODS[PART-2]


4.Dal makhani

Although it originated in the Punjab, under mahani has grown to become one of the most popular Indian lentil dishes, both at home and abroad. It is made out of red kidney beans and black lentils (which also go by the name of urad. 

The dish is prepared with a lot of ghee and a variety of spices, such as ginger and instagram, paste, and chile, and is slow cooked in a rich tomato sauce. In the name of mahani, meaning that the butter will come up with the most recent addition, the drizzle of melted ghee or butter, that makes the typical soft flavor of the classic. 


Pongal is a sweet rice dish is usually eaten on special and special occasions in the united arab emirates. As a rule, it is cooked in a clay pot over a low heat. Make sure that the milk and the water, and, according to the ?????????? According to some beliefs, when liquid has been spilled into the pan, it will bring good luck and well-being of their families. 

The preparation of pongal is a family-owned business, as each and every member of the family, a solemn add a handful of rice into the pot. Then add the remaining rice to make the dish of mung beans, sugar, sugar, and ground cashew nuts. Pongal is served on a banana leaf, and in front of it to eat, the whole family is praying to the Sun-God. 


Misal is a specialty from the Indian state of Maharashtra, the name is literally translated as " a mix of everything, and, therefore, the ingredients are different from the kitchen in order to cook it. However, in a typical misala, the most common is the combination of these ingredients-cottage cheese, peacock, butterfly, beans and curries or lentils, tomato sauce, seasoned potatoes, and accessories, such as onions, peppers, and tomatoes. 

A real misal should be sharp, and the base needs to be bright. Visually, it should look like a work of art, with a wide variety of colors, usually red, black, brown, orange, and green. The earliest mention of the court, appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. 


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