How To Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos 2021 (NEW STRATEGY) (Make Money Reuploading)

 Hey take a look at this channel getting

1.5 million views

and this other channel also getting 1.5

million views and making anywhere from

2k to 18 000

per month and this last channel getting


million views and up to 30 000

per month do you want me to show you how

to make a channel like this step

by step you can do this without being on

camera you can make

money without getting a thousand

subscribers first and you don't even

need more than

90 minutes to make a video like this

and that's pretty cool but i want you to


what do you want to spend that money

on as you keep feeling more and more

motivated to do this i want you to use

your imagination

imagine yourself lying on the grass in a


green metal the sun is shining gently

and there's an easy breeze just blowing

over your body

you continue feeling more and more

comfortable and at

ease in your mind i want you to stand up

and look to the north

in the distance you can see a big


and at the top of this mountain is your

youtube channel making ten thousand

dollars per

month now let me ask you a question what

will motivate you to take one step at a


create one video at the time to reach

the top

is it so you can make money to support

your family

is it so you can be your own boss

without anybody telling you what to do

is it so you can have complete freedom

to travel the world and have amazing


my why is to inspire creators

because every great thing in the world

was made by a creator so every step

i take every video i make

to reach the top of the mountain

is to inspire you to create

what's up take off drive it's andy feld

norwegian obs youtube and affiliate

marketing coach

today with a shoe on my hat

but i am currently in serbia's most


fortress and as a viking i obviously

have to

you know climb the walls with my friends

we just take a viking ship

down here from norway and it's pretty

cool actually

but today i want you to comment down

below the favorite phone i

ever had was blank and you can enter to

win a thousand dollar course and with

this quit your job work from home or

travel the world

in a minute i'm just gonna jump into my

computer and show you how

but before that just let me show you a

little bit of this amazing fortress to

the crib using no hands oh it feel

like i'm floating

but i'm falling with both eyes closed

when i let the world spin testing the

water she got my nurse test

back when i ain't even have a purpose i

was so eager to learn some things

anxiety bring out the words to me

society pay me his enemy my

making it by that remedy i'm more

occasional don't do it regularly backs

all right i'm gonna show you three

different channels that are all in the


niche and give you a quick overview of

why this is so easy what type of content

you need to create and especially

how to do it step by step so the first

channel is this channel called natural

cures 1.59 million right here

and it's making up to 18 000. you can

see about

50 000 views per day and the channel is


natural cures and as you can see the

channel they're making why is your dog

always licking his paws two surprising

causes of bad breath 10 foods to include

in your diet for healthy clear skin and

you can see that

it's just stock videos and stock footage

going over here that's super

easy to create you don't even have to

show your face

now this other channel is called natural


and you can see it's getting pretty much

the same amount of views but it's crazy

to me that

in one week they were able to get two

million views that's right which is

crazy to me

now if you take a look at the videos

right here you can see

if you eat soaked almonds every morning


you will never throw away banana peels

after watching

this bury a tea bag in your garden and

this will happen

come on this content is insane and look

at this it's not even

you know four minute long video three

minute long video so you don't even have

to make

what other people say on youtube which

is create eight

minute long videos so you can get more

ads on your channel

well we're not even gonna use ads in

this channel

we are going to use a perfect affiliate


that is selling like hot cakes right now

that you can start selling

and make money starting from day one you

don't even need

a thousand subscribers four thousand

watch hours to start making money with

this channel but let me show you the

highest view count right here med

simplified with 131

uploads getting 2.6 million up to 30

000 monthly earnings now from these two

million views and here is the type of

content that they're producing and i


what is this though can you post content

like that on youtube

uh top 10 habits that damage your

immunity boost immune system but the

most recent videos is like

common causes of gray hair best five

shampoos for hair

fall and all of this stuff and they're

not even being in the video on camera

and for the people that say in my

comments like i don't have a good

english accent well this guy pretty much

has the most

indian english accent that you'll ever

hear do you know

that an average hair grows 0.3

millimeter it's not even grammatically


and he's getting 2.6 million views now

i'm gonna show you step by step exactly

how to do this but before that

drop a like on this video also at the

end of this video i will show you

how you can put a link in the

description to an affiliate product

that will make you a lot more money so

remember to stay to the end to not

miss that step number one go to

invideo is a software that has hundreds

and hundreds of video templates

where you can turn your text into video

as you can see you can have text on top

of the video and then you can have voice

over and stock images in the background

that makes it an

entertaining video just like the ones

that we're looking at right now

so all you need to do is click on sign

up and you can create an account

completely for free you can also make

intros and logo reveals video ads

slide shows presentations and all of

that but we only care about

text to video step number two find a


template i think this one looks kind of

cool but i also like

just the text alone right here this one

looks great

so now we just click on use this

template step number three

get a video idea here it says add a

headline but we don't really have a

video idea yet so what you should do is

go to

keyword planner this is a great tool to

give you keywords that you can make

videos about

all you need to do is click on home


and then click on get results all of a

sudden you can see

74 000 searches a month

a hundred thousand for this immediate

constipation relief

22 000 people having a real bad time

this month

so for this video let's see home

remedies for

sore throat so you copy that then what i

like doing is going

back to youtube again and we search for


so i quite like this title six way to

treat a sore throat at home

natural remedies and cures so what our

title could be

to take inspiration is six home remedies

to treat a

sore throat at home copy that title and

post it into the headline

step number four write a script but

before that remember to like the video

let's try to get to 2

000 likes on this one also remember

today i want you to comment down below

the favorite phone i ever had was blank

to enter to win a thousand dollar course

and don't forget to stay to the end to

not miss out on how to make more money

step number four write a script so now

you can copy the title you just made

and then you can put it directly into

google immediately you can see the first

search we can just go into that and here

you can see all the different tips that

they're sharing

for this home remedy now all you have to


is make this unique and write it out in

your own words

if you just straight up copy all of this

that's called plagiarism

and if you plagiarize you're dead

take inspiration and add something

unique that's how you make better videos

now i'm gonna copy this as an example

to show you how to continue making this


then all you need to do is click on next

just like that it's automatically

putting stock videos back behind the


that we just wrote into this software

which is pretty cool right

and here you can see the total duration

of the video is going to be about four

minutes and remember to stay to the end


four minutes of watch time will not

really get you that much ad revenue

so you definitely want to check out the

thing at the end that i'm gonna show you

to make even more money with this so

here you can see that it starts off with

a really gross image

but actually gross images grab attention

really fast

but in video it's not perfect it uses an

ai to recognize

what you're actually talking about and

then finding a stock image for that so

sometimes it doesn't match up

perfectly like for example this image

right here is like health and fitness

and it doesn't really match 100

and also the text is a little bit too

long so the first thing we're gonna do

is to go over to video and then add a

different one

in here so just click right here and

then search for water

and here you can see this glass of water

right here yeah

that's flowing down into the glass it's

a perfect video for us

so all we need to do is drag that over

here and here you can see the content

scene stops right here so we are going

to drag it back

there and then done now we can just


this other media but as you can see this

is a premium

video that you will have to pay for and

i'm going to show you the pricing right


so you can definitely get started with

this for free you get 3 000 video


3 million standard media library and

make a video up to 15 minutes

and you can go with the business for ten

dollars a month where you get 10

i stock media per month 1 million


media 60 video exports and 20 remove

background credits

everything in free plan you get 150 i

stock unlimited video exports

and 40 remove background credits this is

the yearly plan if you go on the monthly

plan you can see that it's 20

a month and 60 dollars a month but i

have actually partnered up

with in video in this video so if you go

in the link in the description and use

my link and the code

af25 you will get 25

off if you decide to upgrade to the

business or unlimited plan

obviously i recommend going yearly so

you get it for cheaper

price per month i wouldn't tell you to

buy this software today

if i didn't find it really good and

something i truly believe in

so click the link in the description

right now if you want to pick it up for

yourself now you have access to all this

amazing premium

video footage but also we need to split

this right here so all we need to do is

find a

punctuation in the text right here then

we can just click

on split now since we have the premium

we can drag a

cool i stock getty image inside of here

make it a little bit shorter and click

on done and here we can even

select the text provide you with


relief and then click on highlight and

here you can see that it is

bold now you would just go through the

entire video checking out the images if


matching if the text is too long and all

of that

then step number six add voiceover all

you need to do is click on advanced

editor in the top

and then you can voice over the entire

video just click on the voiceover button

and then you can have automated text to

speech import from my uploads

upload vo file or you can record

voiceover straight into the program

many people ask me if robot voice works

on youtube

i recommend to stay away from it this

strategy is pretty much one of the

easiest ways to make money online

and if you can't even do this i would

recommend you do like 99

of the world and get a job it's a lot


you don't have to think but if you want

to be like the one percent

step outside your comfort zone click on

that record voice button

then all you need to do click on that

record button and

then we can start recording the video

sore throats are among

one of the most common health ailments


in the winter then you stop that click

on add

and here you can see that it's placed

directly under here

so now we make the video match the audio

and just like that we have this matched

up perfectly

so they go and fit together you can also

add music in the background

and they have thousands of royalty-free


so you don't have to worry about any

copyright now all you have to do is

click on download and share

and click on export cool part is that

you can connect straight to youtube

and upload it directly step number seven

add an affiliate product so you can

check out one of these videos right here

for example

and if you click the link in the

description you can have a link in there

to an affiliate product that will make

you more money so just head over to and make an account

now we're on the marketplace and here

you can see hundreds and hundreds of

products that we can sell as an

affiliate and make commissions for that

now we're gonna go in here and search

for remedies

and click on search then we're gonna

click on sort by

gravity to find the highest selling

products here you can see the lost book


remedies and if you sell one of these

you're gonna make 41

imagine if just three people buy this

from you

then you'll make over a hundred dollars

so all you need to do is click on


then enter your account nickname and

generate hop links

and this is your affiliate link if

anybody goes through this link

and buys you will make 41 dollars per


now what page will they actually land on

if they click on that link

well it's this page right here so this

is a video sales letter and here you can

see the headline discover the forgotten

power of plants

perfect fit for the home remedy niche

and it's safe to say that if somebody

lands on a home remedy video

and they click a link to buy a home

remedy product

it's a very high likelihood of people


doing that and purchasing the product so

it's a perfect combination

do you see how easy this is do you think

that you could do this yourself

well it wouldn't be possible without in

video i don't know if you need

to get a text to video software now

it's just that this makes it so much

faster so much

easier so go in the link in the

description and remember to use

af25 to get 25

off thanks to nvidia for sponsoring this


thank you so much for liking the video

subscribing to the channel and

commenting down below

and i'll see you in the next one


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