How To Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos 2021 (NEW STRATEGY) (Make Money Reuploading)

 in today's tutorial i'll be showing you

exactly how you can make

legit money re-uploading videos in 2021

now if you don't believe that i actually

make the majority of my money from

re-uploading videos onto youtube

or if you think that i don't know what

i'm talking about i will show you some

of my analytics

as proof so as you can see right here

this is some of the revenue data from

just one of the channels that i own

i have four other channels like this

that are monetized

and they all use the same exact method

that i'm about to show you

step by step now re-uploading videos in


with the goal of making money from

youtube is something that is actually


easy if you know how to do it the only


is that every single tutorial i see on


is still teaching old and outdated


these are methods that no longer work

so for example if you've seen a tutorial

that teaches you to re-upload relaxing


for example if a tutorial told you to

re-upload the videos of a fireplace

so that you can monetize it or for

example if they told you you could

upload rain time lapses and make a

compilation video of it

these videos no longer work this is

because the youtube algorithm

is constantly changing and youtube is

always updating its policies

this is because this content is actually

reused content

and youtube won't monetize these kind of


youtube doesn't monetize these kind of

channels because they don't add any

value to the videos they're re-uploading

they just simply download and re-upload

videos with no

extra effort or any extra added value

youtube doesn't actually like this but

i'll teach you exactly what

youtube does like and how you can get

monetized with my method

the method that actually works and not

something that will waste your time

so let's get started on exactly how step

by step

you can re-upload videos onto youtube by

using the new 2021 method

that actually works and the methods that

you can actually use to successfully

start your youtube channel

and earn up to ten thousand dollars per

month in profit

what niche so the first thing we need to


right now is we need to pick a niche

now the reason we need to pick a good

niche is because whatever niche you're

going to be in

actually determines your revenue now

what you have to understand is

that if you pick a niche that doesn't

pay a lot of money you're going to

really struggle when it comes to making

money from ads

for example if you focus on uploading

videos which don't have viewers that

have a high income

then the money you're going to earn from

ads is going to be significantly less

this is because if your viewers aren't

actually buying products

then the advertisers are going to be

paying less money

meaning that in return you make less

money so for example

when you're picking your niche you're

most likely going to want to pick a

niche that actually has a high cpm

meaning that when you start to monetize

the channel and you start to re-upload

videos that you find on youtube and

other websites

you actually get paid a decent amount

each month

so what's an example of a high-paying

niche that we can start to re-upload

videos in

and earn money from youtube on in 2021

one of the highest paying niches on

youtube and a very decent paying niche

is going to be the luxury niche the

reason the luxury niche is actually one

of the highest paying niche

on youtube is because videos on luxury

usually contain

expensive products and it's usually rich


or people who can afford those products

that are watching those videos

and because rich people are watching

those videos they're more likely to buy

products that are advertised

and it's also being advertised against

people who are more likely to buy things

that can help them

and get wealthy so overall this is a

very high cpm niche that you should

consider to start re-uploading videos in

so where do we begin re-uploading videos

and what's the new strategy

let's take a look at this example

channel right here this example channel

is called nine-figure life

this is the channel which has been

re-uploading videos for around six


and has recently become monetized now

this channel focuses on re-uploading a

luxury content to youtube

in a compilation format and then

monetizes it through advertising

the reason this is a great niche to be

in is because there's always new luxury

products coming out

so there will never be a shortage of

content and there is always a new

trending thing in the luxury niche that

you can re-upload videos on

however this channel is mainly focused

on lifestyle videos

so as you can see they are mainly

focused on producing videos that are

about billionaire lifestyles

now what's great about these kind of

lifestyle videos

is that these kinds of lifestyle videos

don't actually require

any voice over they just require good


and a good music soundtrack this is

because the value proposition in this


is only the content that you're seeing

you don't actually need to have a good

voiceover in order to upload these

videos this means when it comes to these

kind of videos

we can actually upload lots of these

videos and make them really quickly

because a large majority of the video

creation is going to be the voice over

but these videos don't need a voiceover

so where do we start well we need to

start by finding content to re-upload

now if we want to find content to

re-upload we are going to have to look


three main sources now the three main

sources of our content are

youtube storyblocks and pixels

we are going to start with youtube now

when it comes to using clips from


as long as you actually use clips and

credit the source

and as long as you use the youtube clip

with fair use

you can use as many clips from youtube

channels that you'd like

a common misconception that most people

have is that you can't take

youtube clips from other channels this

is just absolutely wrong

there are many different youtube

channels that use clips from other

youtube channels

you just need to make sure that the clip

you're using isn't from a channel that

frequently strikes others

as we can see in the luxury niche people

are frequently using clips from many

different channels

and we haven't seen any channels being

terminated or any channels being

copyright striked

so when it comes to youtube i'm going to

be taking some clips off the many luxury

brands that i know

of one of the first luxury brands that i

know of

is rolls royce now rolls royce a luxury

car brand

which is frequently driven by rich

people wealthy people and celebrities

making it the ultimate status symbol

now where am i going to get clips from

of a rolls-royce vehicle that i can use

in my videos

when i'm going to be creating my luxury

lifestyle compilation

it's actually pretty simple i'm going to

go on youtube

and find the official rolls-royce


the reason i'm using the official

rolls-royce channel it's simply because

the official rolls-royce channel

is going to have the best clips of the

actual rolls-royce

this is because this is the official

company's channel meaning that the

company's channel

is highly likely to have high quality

videos of the vehicle

and much higher quality videos than the

average content creator

so as you can see on the rolls royce

official channel there are many videos

that we can choose from

let's take a look at this video called

rolls-royce ghost dubai

drive now as you can see from this video

when we're actually analyzing the

content in the video we need to make

sure that the video content is actually

going to suit our lifestyle luxury


and as you can see from watching the

rolls royce ghost video

the content perfectly suits our luxury

lifestyle kind of video

so we will download this video and this

will be one of the videos that we choose

to use in our luxury lifestyle video

let's see if we can get two more videos

to add to our luxury lifestyle


now the next couple of videos we're

going to be getting are going to be from

the youtube channel lamborghini

the reason i'm choosing to get some

videos from the lamborghini youtube


instead of more from rolls royce is

simply because i don't want to have all

the clips from one youtube channel

or one luxury brand as the title says

it's going to be a compilation video and

you want to make sure that when your

viewers are watching your video

they are constantly entertained if you

want to make sure they are constantly


you need to make sure you have a variety

of content in your videos

so we will be looking at the lamborghini

youtube channel

as we look at the lamborghini channel we

can see a video called

unlocking winter fun with a urus now as

we watch this video

we can see that this video is very high


and is something we would like to use in

our compilation

the only problem is that in some parts

of the video it actually has text on


meaning that what we would need to do in

our video editing software

is actually remove these parts from the

video before we publish our compilation

this is because it would look

extraordinarily weird to have text on

screen in a billionaire's lifestyle


so i will download the video and add it

to the folder of video clips that i will

be using

now we're going to go ahead and get one

more video clip to use in our


the next thing we're going to do is

we're going to go over to another luxury

car brand

this luxury car brand is called


now if we head over to the mercedes-benz

channel we can see that there are many

different videos we can use in our

billionaires lifestyle video

now you should browse through these

video clips and see which ones you find

to be the best

one of the best videos i've found for my

luxury lifestyle video

is called the new s-class world premiere

as you can see with this video the

cinematics look very good

and the quality is very good meaning

that we can use this content for our


so this will be the third and final

video we're going to use

now ideally what you really want to do

is you'd want to get a bunch of

different clips from many different


that all have the same cinematic luxury

look to them

that way when you add them all together

it looks very professional

and people are more likely to subscribe

and your video is more likely to go


now that we have downloaded videos from

youtube the next place we're going to go

is to now what we need to do


is we need to find a video clip or a

couple of video clips

that are somewhat luxury and the easy

way to do this

is by typing in yacht into the search

bar now that we have done that

we can choose one of these video clips

and download it

now with all these clips downloaded what

we need to do now

is we need to go over to

this website is the absolute king when

it comes to finding video clips

so what we're going to do on this

website is we're going to actually use

the video editor

because the video editor on this website

is great for beginners

so as you can see on the screen here

we're going to go over to the tab where

it says maker

if we click this we can see that we will

be presented with this page

all we need to do here is click make a


and we will be using the wide preset

this format is the best for youtube

once you click make video you will be

presented with this screen

as you can see it says add text here

this is where we will type billionaire


next change the font to something tall

the font for jala1 looks great

on the right hand side where it says

text styles and animations scroll down

to the animation called scrolling

once we have clicked this animation it

is time to import our clips

we will import our clips by clicking

upload media

this is on the left hand side of the


now that we have our clips all we need

to do is simply add the video to our


so just click the video and then there

should be this small box

which will ask you to use the two

handles to trim the clips

we will trim this video of the dubai

rolls royce to around 10 seconds and

import it

we will then do this with a video of the

lamborghini and then we will do the same

exact thing that we just did with the

previous two videos

with the video of the mercedes-benz


so now what we have is three 10 second

clips in our video

along with the animated text that says

billionaire lifestyle

now because this is an example video i'm

not going to make the entire full eight

minute video

but if we were to make the entire full

video what we would need to do

is we would need to simply add more

clips we can do this by clicking on the

left hand side where it says search


and on the video tab all we would need

to type in in the search bar

is the word luxury now as you can see


because we have typed in the word

lottery you can see there are many

different clips that are already here

for us

we can simply add these clips if we

would like and it is much faster than

downloading multiple videos from youtube

the next thing for us to do is add the

audio and unlike other videos where you

need to go to an external website to

download music

the music is already built into the


all you need to do is once again click

on the left hand side where it says

search stock

and click the button where it says audio

now here

we can choose from a selection of

different music tracks that we want to

use in our video

because our video is a cinematic

lifestyle video we will go ahead and

click the tab

genre we then need to change the genre

to cinematic

when you hover over a soundtrack you get

to hear a preview

the soundtrack fortitude sounds great

for our specific video

so now what we need to do is simply

import the soundtrack into the timeline

now that we have this small video clip

preview made the finished version should

look something like this





so as you can see at that 30 second

preview just there

just shows us how quickly and how easy

is to make a high quality youtube video

without previously recording the videos


and with the software that i've shown

you the storyblocks video maker

it's really easy to get all the clips

from one single place

and then make that video

how do i make a thumbnail now that you

have the video

the next thing you need to do is make

your thumbnail now when making your


that making your thumbnail is one of the

most important parts of the video

the thumbnail is going to be what

determines your ctr

and your ctr is your click-through rate

if people don't click your video then

your video won't get any views

and if you don't get any views you won't

be able to get any watch time

which means your channel won't ever get

monetized or will take a very long time

to get monetized

so this is going to be a short tutorial

on how you can quickly make cool

thumbnails that people want to click on

firstly open up photoshop now if you

don't have

access to photoshop or can't afford it

there are many different tutorials on

youtube that teach you how to access


for completely free once you have

photoshop open

click create new then on the pop-up menu


the custom 1920 by 1080 preset

and then click create you should be

presented with a transparent document

now all we need to do is go over to

google and what we're using google for


is to be able to find an image that

we're going to use in our thumbnail

so because our video is a billionaire

lifestyle video

we are going to type in rolls royce

ghost 2021

the reason i typed in rolls royce ghost


is because this is the newest luxury

vehicle available by rolls royce

meaning that more people are going to

click on the video to be able to see the

new vehicle

and it's going to look more updated than

other people's billionaire lifestyle


as you can see here there's an image of

a gray 2021 rolls-royce driving

we're going to right-click then click

copy image

then we go back to photoshop and hit

control plus v

now our image should be pasted in

however you can see that the image is

not sized up properly

so we will click ctrl t

a little box should appear around the

rolls-royce car

we now want to match the corners of the

small image to that of the original box

by dragging the image by the corners

and increasing the size now that the

image is the correct size

we need to add some text we want to

choose a font that is particularly tall

and bold

this is because tall and bold fonts help

convey the words rich and powerful

we will look at the toolbar and click

the capital t letter

then click on your image and type

billionaire motivation in all capital


we will then highlight this text and

then change the color to white

by clicking the bottom left hand corner

color box and dragging the color to


and then clicking ok now your text is


all we need to do is change the font

highlight your text again

click the top left drop down menu and

select a tall font

i will be using the font bebas now drag

your text to the top of the image

now make the text bigger until it fills

up the top part of the image

now we must double click the text layer

on the right hand side

which will bring up a list of options

from the menu click outer glow

make the color black and set the opacity

to 60

and have the size at 27 pixels make sure

the outer glow looks like how i have it


now your thumbnail is done all we need

to do is save this image as a png file

and when we upload our video use it as a


now the video and thumbnail is done our

next steps would be to start creating

more similar types of content

now if we look back on the nine figure

live channel we can see that they've

recently started uploading list styled


which are based on luxury the reason

they have added videos which are list

styled videos

which actually have a voiceover is

because list style videos are going to

make the channel much more suitable for


if a youtube channel was to purely

upload videos that are compilations

the chances of it being monetized are

extremely low

however if a channel adds videos that

are a list style videos with a voice


even if the content in the video is not

theirs then the chances of the channel

being monetized is much higher

and will most certainly be monetized so

that's the reason that this channel has

opted to add some list styled videos

if you would like to add some list start

videos you would just do the same

process that we just did the only

difference would be

is that you would need to add a voice

over now if you're wondering

what if i have a thick accent or don't

sound english enough

i have a simple solution for you it's

called text to speech

now when it comes to using text to

speech on youtube

text-to-speech is actually fine and

there are channels that are monetized


that re-upload videos that use


i've even made videos on it however

you have to understand that when you use

text-to-speech you're making it very

hard for the youtube reviewer to

determine whether or not your content is


even if you spend a long time editing

your content and making that content if

you use

text-to-speech software the person who

comes to review your youtube channel

and check it for monetization may think

that your youtube channel is actually

auto-generated content

because you use a synthetic voice but if

i want to use text-to-speech

how do i do this i am going to show you

a text-to-speech software

that is very good that works and is

completely free

which you can also use what i use is

called a text-to-speech software from


if you search google cloud text to

speech you will be on this page

now on this page you can see that it

brings you to this page here

where you can actually test the text

speech for free

however don't click try it for free on

the left

click demo and it should scroll you down

to where it says

put text to speech in action this is

where you can

actively test out the text-to-speech

software and try to play with the

settings until you get something that

sounds lifelike

and realistic the preset that i use is

the wavenet h

the reason i use wavenet h is simply

because this is the preset that sounds

most lifelike and realistic you can hear

what it sounds like

right here google cloud text to speech

enables developers to synthesize natural

sounding speech with 100 plus voices

available in multiple languages and

variants it applies deepmind's

groundbreaking research in wavenet and

google's powerful neural networks to

deliver the highest fidelity possible

voices like these are what you should

use if you are wanting to make

text-to-speech videos

now that you have your voice what's next

now that you have your text-to-speech

audio the only thing left for you to do

would be to import your audio and add it

to your list styled video

once you've done this the next step

would be to start publishing these


to your youtube channel now if you're

thinking to yourself

well i don't like the luxury niche

that's fine

there are literally hundreds of

different niches that you can do this


and the process is fairly simple and


the only thing that you need to make

sure you follow the tutorial

and you do your research to make sure

that your channel grows

and that your channel gets monetized now

although this free video was somewhat in


i can't put all my knowledge into a

single youtube video

which is why i've made a course called

cash cow mastery

this course teaches you exactly how you

can build your own youtube channel

where you can make a full-time income

online without making videos

it contains around two hours of high

quality edited content

that is updated every single month it

also contains a great private community

where i consistently respond to

questions if you're interested in buying

the course

check out the link in the description


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