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most people truly don't understand

what real commitment means

anything worthwhile is going to be


any goal that you want to achieve that's


in your life require all in

effort i mean jump the in the pool

and make yourself swim

if you're not willing to go all in

on every single thing that you need to

do to get where you want to be

for five ten years you ain't gonna

 get there

all in we've got to be all in on our

adventures if you're in the game

make sure you're in it all the way and

then that game will be your game

when you start grinding when you start

waking up early when you start

keeping your word to yourself to your

boss when you get

going to 120 when you all in by any

means necessary

you start seeing stuff and you start

experiencing stuff

and you start having stuff that people

who are not doing that

they never get and i promise you when i

go out i will be the best version of me

when i go out i go out with my son with

my daughter

and with my wife saying our husband gave

a hundred

and twenty percent

that game all i got is a hate game i

ain't got a b

game i ain't got a cj when i finish

people are relying on me the difference

between me and most people is

you might be sweeter than me you might

be bigger than me you might grind

you might have money but you will not

outwork me

every single time this is an opportunity

of a lifestyle and i'm gonna take

advantage of this

the bigger your dream is the more effort

you're gonna have to put in

and i get what i get because i live in

peace vote y'all gotta do me a favor

stop being gazelle you're not average

there's nothing about you that's average

you're not even good you were born to be

great for those of you

who are 70 percent 70 percent beast mode

30 gazelle that's just enough for that

other person i'll do you

what do you do when you're not the only

one that wants to make a million dollars

in your coffee you're not the only one

that wants to be a ceo

what if you're not the only one that

wants what you want

what if there are thousands of other

people who want what you want

you have to outwork them you gotta all

buy them

you gotta execute and you've gotta go

from 70

to 120.



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