Fastest Way To Make Money On Clickbank Using a Google Trick (Step By Step 2021)


Hey do you want to make 770

on clickbank fast so you can buy an

airplane ticket travel to belgrade

and live in this beautiful luxury

penthouse apartment

you can do this without making youtube

videos you can do this without making a

website and you can do this

without any social media following

after watching this video you could be

making 770

and live right here it seems

pretty good but it seems a little bit

too good to be true

so i guess the only thing we can do is


to experience it together

here's the airport at three o'clock

during kobe times nobody here


here's the first look of serbia quite

dark and rainy though

i hope it's not going to be that forever

i'm waiting for my host

hey brother how you doing

very good

hey what's up it's andy fell welcome to

the luxury

penthouse apartment i'll show you around

a little bit

as you can see the cupboard doesn't

really close

fully which i really really enjoy that's

really you know the new fashion right


as well as wires being everywhere you

know that's also one of my favorite


and not only that you know when the

toilet seat

is crooked yeah everybody loves that

and the last thing in the bathroom you

know who wants

water coming from behind and on top of

your head when you can get water just

directly onto your face so you know

all the pros of this luxury penthouse

apartment is

absolutely amazing here we go um

as you can see a little view and

i love the view but what i love more

than the view

is actually this light right here as you

can see

if you just turn on this we have a


disco light that's right they want us to

party over here

and they're also you know not um

flat on the surface and they're not

really sticking to the roof that well


i think that is just you know serbian

fashion or something like that

the same with the serbian fashion is


you know when the table is really stable

i love a stable table so

i'm super happy that they have a really

stable table in here

now my favorite part is obviously the

kitchen where you can

make some food and stay healthy and all


and it's very modern you can see we have

a lot of space here so

i love different spices to put in my

food like pepper for example

and this is so good because it fits


directly in here and i really like that

um just like that and this sink is

obvious or this cream is obviously very

nice big long crane and it is

not fastened so i don't really have a


i have a hose

hey what's up take off tribe it's

amazing to see you guys again it's ndfl

the norwegian no bs youtube and

affiliate marketing coach

currently traveling the world and

currently in serbia

and if you're wondering why of all

places you can travel to why did you go

to serbia

i'm gonna tell you my why in the next

episode but before that

remember to comment down below the

reason you traveled to serbia

is because blank and you can enter to

win a thousand dollar course and with

this thousand dollar course you can quit

your job work from home or travel the

world just like me

it's amazing to be back here today

because i have an amazing

clickbank strategy that not that many


do only the top five percent do now

this is a little shift that i want you

to have you can use what the

doers are doing and not what the sayers


saying and then you can replicate what

they are doing

and not replicate what people are

telling you on youtube for example my

competitors here

um that they're not doing and hopefully

you can make

over 770 per month so you can rent

the shittiest serbian penthouse step

number one

clickbank is obviously the leading

global retailer and affiliate

marketplace where they have a ton of

different affiliate products and the


you want to do affiliate marketing is

because they have

done all the copywriting the sales

materials the testimonials they made

the product they have customer support

in the back end you don't have to ship

anything you don't have to handle any of

it all you need to do

is grab your affiliate link get people

to that affiliate link

and you make money that is way easier

than if you would make your product


so once you sign up right here with just

your name email phone number all that

once you're on the inside you want to

click on the marketplace

in the top right here after that just

click on this search

icon here you can see the results by


and what you need to do is sort them by

gravity what gravity means is

x people 422 people have gotten

one sale of this product for this last

two weeks all right so that means that

you could be one of the people

selling this product so this one is

called custom keto diet

we're not going to go into that research

okinawa flat belly tonic

we're not going to go into that we're

actually going to go down

to a niche that i haven't been talking

about before

called the lost waze and as you can see

if you sell this

you will make about 50 dollars per sale

right here

and the first initial conversion so when

they pull out their wallet and they buy

to you so you get the commission you

will get 46

right away but on top of that they have


rebuild in the back end so maybe it's a

monthly package or something they have

to pay for

which is really good for you because

then you get monthly recurring

income coming in and you can build

yourself some passive

income now what you need to do in order

for this to work

you have to click on the lost ways and

take a look

at the actual sales page so here you can


that this is like a pain killing

tincture it's like a survival

the lost ways of how men used to do it

in the past and all that

for a male audience which is really cool

because most of you are male

and if you are a woman watching my

youtube channel you look good today nice

dress did you do something with your

hair so now you have identified a high

quality affiliate product that you could

be selling and make

you know fifty dollars per sale

including passive income in the back end

now what you have to do in order to

check what the best

people on clickbank are doing is to go

up to the top

right here just copy all of this url

and then copy that now you want to go

over to this site called and if you've heard about

this before

don't worry we're going to use do

something different all right and just

go up to analyze any website or app

and here just click on that and now you

can see the traffic they're getting so

you know

hundred and forty thousand hundred

thousand and it's even going

up in december 2020 so here you can see

united states is pretty much where most

of the people are coming from

and now you can also see where

people are coming from so here you can

see referrals

and you can see that for example this

one lost

ways to dot store gets 14

of all the clicks sent to the lost ways

isn't that pretty amazing so that means

that this guy must be doing

something right right so all we need to

do is click on

this button go to website

and i want you to see how ugly this page

looks it looks pretty ugly right but

this guy is probably making you know

a couple of sales each and every day

making over 200

a day at least with 50 you know only

four sales a day very simple to do

and this is the site and he has a couple

of different buttons here

you can see this is a button this image

and if you click on that that's their

affiliate link

they also have a male and female option

here to

increase the conversions even more so

now if i click on the mail one

you can see that we will drop right into

the last ways and here they can add to

cart and all of that so now you might be

thinking okay i got the affiliate


i got the page that people are sending

massive amounts of traffic to

how can i recreate this entire thing

without being technic tech savvy and

also without paying you know

hundreds of dollars per month well i'm

going to show you that right now

but before that drop that smash

drop that smash button smash that like


and also comment down below why do you

think i'm in serbia

if you get it right you can have to win

a thousand dollar course and also

remember to stay to the end of this


step number three is to go to site dot


this is a website creator where you can

build it for

free with no cost whatsoever so i have

already signed in but just make an

account you don't even have to

sign up with a credit card or anything

like that and all you need to do

is to click create new website and this

is where you're gonna make

the money okay so just let it load a

little bit

and what we're gonna do is we're gonna

go back you can see they have all these

templates and all that you can

use but we're gonna go back to the


lost way store then we're gonna copy

this url

just like we did already you already

know how to copy things i hope

so just paste that right in here and

then we can click on import

and here they're basically going to take

all the html code that is in the

background of the website

and paste it directly into this program

and also make it

editable just like that as you can see

we now have the website

ish but we do need the image so as you

can see

we cannot you know copy this image

usually it says like you know copy image


this is a link or a button so we can't

really do that

so we have to use a tool that i love

called share

x and it's a print screen tool

and all we have to do is just drag all


this and just swoop that image

just like that and now we go back to

side pro

then click on this one click on

background and then

click image and actually we just pop

this up

and then oh yeah you see you see the

ladies night

i'm going on ladies night today baby

and also by the way this thing 15 000

rsd for men 800 for women

but if they bring a girlfriend it's half

price 400 so i mean it's good to see

that sexism is still

something in serbia i don't like being

in a sausage party

all we have to do is click on select

right here and just

like that we have pretty much the entire


all we need to do is as you can see the

buttons right here are this color so we

need to change that as well

so click on this mail click on


and then the color as you can see right

here is quite hard to

guess so what i have is this tool

called color pick eyedropper

and here you can choose the actual color

copy that color

go back to the site again and then paste

that color directly in here just like


you see it i'm gonna do it again for you

guys color right here

the text color we're gonna go back again

and now we're gonna use the color picker

and as you can see the text

so just like that copy that paste it


into the software again and

make it bold and i'm gonna do that again

just like that we got the females in

here as well now

you need to go back to clickbank you

need to click on promote

right here then you can generate hop

links and just

copy this link right here go back to

click on the mail button and as you can

see this is the clickbank

url for their affiliate link now we're

going to change it

to our affiliate links so just click in

the top here

and copy and paste that do the same for

the female one

and then do the same for the image

button here as well

now i want to tell you the importance of

actually changing the text over here

now one thing that is for sure is that

this is

not the only page that they are driving

traffic to

so i actually want to show you a

different offer

now the offer we checked out was the

lost waste but there is

one that is getting a ton of sales

right now as well as it's converting at

a hundred and ten

dollars so you know 110 dollars is a lot

more than 50 dollars

and that's a lot easier for you to drive

traffic to and when you essentially make

double the money

if you get one sale you make a hundred

and ten dollars

so you would simply need two sales of

that to make you know

two hundred dollars which is pretty

simple you see that 300 people are doing

it right now and i did the exact same

process again of going to similar web

and this is the page i landed on and now

i want to show you the importance of

actually testing

these headlines and what's going on here

what's going on over here

because this is pretty much what

everybody is doing as you can see this

this page is nl9 this one is nl8 and

they're changing it

they're changing the headlines they're

doing all these different

images and different illustrations

changing up some of the text

here they even have this header on top


in these magazines while also

changing it up and this is what you have

to do in order to become a

great marketer is to test test and test

all of my sales material and when i

convert people

i test multiple strategies as well as

multiple pages and headlines

to optimize every single click to

convert at the highest

level and if we click on watch video now

as you can see

we'll get pulled right into research the

sales page and here

is an affiliate link and if i would

purchase this from you

you would make a hundred and ten dollars

per sale from this page

and bada bin bada boom you're done but


you obviously want to send traffic to

this offer

you can send paid traffic you can send

free traffic

and if you want to learn exactly how to

do that i have two videos on the side

right now

the bottom one being paid traffic the

top one being free

traffic so click either one of these and


remember to drop that like comment and

all that thank you so much for watching

and i'll see you next one


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