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a a very different kind of video i've

been hearing a fair bit of talk recently about rugged smartphones a bunch of phones which supposedly have ultra endurance extreme strength

and hyper connectivity i saw a bunch of stuff like stop buying breakable phones rugged phones are cool now i saw the best rugged phones of 2021 i saw how a lot of these phones are referred to as indestructible so you can probably imagine that i'm reading this thinking yeah i mean they certainly sound impressive maybe you've got a point so i got hold of the two best rugged phones on the market the ulefone arma 10 and the blackvue bl6000 pro which both supposedly retail at 700 and the video that i was planning to make was something like hey check this out i've got two really interesting unusual options that you might not have considered but as i actually started to use them something dawned on me like let's take this uniphone now on the surface it's pretty well presented the phone's on top and you do get a glass screen protector inside which is a really nice touch but the first red flag comes when you look at the quality of the cable and the charging adapter this thing is 18 watts but it just feels cheap it does not scream 700 and while yes i mean it's 20 21 at least we get one charging is far from the only issue here see i remember looking at this phone's web page thinking this is amazing it does so much cool stuff but if you really break it down this is just good marketing the actual spec sheet of this phone is kind of appalling you are getting a 64 megapixel main camera yes but it has no optical image stabilization it takes ages to actually snap a shot and let's be real in 2021 you can get a 64 megapixel main camera on a 250 phone and every other one of the sensors on this thing are extremely weak at just eight five and two megapixels and the display is honestly i don't i don't even have words for it it's got bezels that make it look like something out of 2017 but more importantly it's 60 hertz 1080p lcd panel inside of it makes it feel like something out of 2013. i mean sure it does have a nice high capacity battery that seems to be a theme on these rugged phones in general but apart from that one thing it's it's almost just confusing how poorly equipped this is compared to other 700 phones like the xiaomi 11. and again with this black view phone you look at the website and you think wow this has everything but it's actually an almost identical spec sheet to this phone but instead of a 64 megapixel main camera you get 48. also for some reason both of these are claiming to be world's first 5g rugged phone how does that even happen did they like coordinate launches so they release at the exact same minute so i guess they could effectively be joined first i don't know but what i do know is that if you are enjoying this video then a sub to the channel would be divine so what is going on here are we actually paying nearly three times as much money just for the sake of having better materials and are these actually better materials well if you take a look at our 250 poco x3 you get glass aluminium and then plastic what do we get on this blackvue blackviewphone well glass aluminium and the truly exquisite rubber i know but do you want to know the funny part of this is that the glass you actually get on the front of this phone is gorilla glass 3. the glass we get on the cheap phone is gorilla glass 5. this ulefone does seem a bit better instead of just rubber it's got a little bit of metal in it too but you see why i'm having a problem with this right it's not like they're being wrapped in a sheet of diamond for unrivaled protection we're talking about rubber and cheap metal you can literally make a whole phone's worth of those materials for a dollar in fact isn't this just a bit like paying three times as much money just to have a massive case on your phone but just a case that you can't actually remove in a case so large that your one phone becomes effectively the thickness of two phones this thing weighs 328 grams so there's only one way to find out i bought my own cases i bought the cheapest rugged cases i could find i mean just look at this thing they couldn't even come up with a brand name so they just called it case and so i got two affordable phones the poco x3 and the oneplus nord and applied them to those and so we're about to see right now are these rugged phones actually more durable okay welcome to my uh factory of destruction so we've got six tests and the idea is that each test is going to be more brutal than the last so we're going to start with water because in theory at least water should be one of the things that these rugged phones are like particularly good at like both of these rugged phones come equipped with not just an ip68 rating which means immersible but also an ip69 k rating which basically means the ability to withstand not just high pressure but also high temperature jets of water but this test right here is just the equivalent of like dropping your phone in a toilet bowl let's just quickly check they're all fine so let's move on to the second test i just held up three fingers so let's move on to the second test i've got a hose and we're going to turn on maximum power for two minutes it's not quite an extreme high pressure jet but it's close enough it's as close as any normal person would get in any normal kind of day it also just happens to be about 50 degrees celsius water so you know it's also pretty hot too all right let's have a look if they're okay okay rugged phone number one is fine rugged phone number two is absolutely fine okay oneplus nord is fine and the poco x3 is also fine but what about scratches well i've got just the tool for that a cheese grater no too cheesy so this would be a pretty good way of testing how resistant these phones are to damage from metals so coins keys that kind of thing we'll start with the rugged phones oh god [Music] okay let's uh see what we're working with so starting with these two rugged phones we've we've actually got two very different degrees of damage so if you look at this black view i would actually say it's beaten up it's got minor level scuffs across the whole thing but also quite a few deeper level gouges uh the uniform is doing better it's got some damage around the metal camera ring and around the fingerprint scanner but i would say generally speaking the the integrity of the back is better but here's the thing if you look at this poco phone you realize that it has had no more significant damage on it than those rugged phones and the benefit of using a case as opposed to it actually being the phone itself is that if you want to you could take it off that is two dollars of scrap material and the phone is actually unmarked but what about the front glass well i've got a set of mouse hardness picks here so we're going to start with a level six and this is just going to test the durability of the screens themselves okay so now let's move to a level seven and then just for a bit of fun let's do a level eight so to be honest generally speaking they've all resisted level 6 and level 7 surprisingly well the main damage you can actually see is from the level 8 pick and it's actually consistent across all of them funnily enough actually the phone with the least damage done to it is the cheap poco x3 so it's not looking great for these rugged phones right now but uh it's time to make absolutely sure that we break something so i've got my trusty hammer we've got a 40 centimeter marker here and we're gonna drop this on them from there all right let's do this it's actually pretty impressive oh the glass is cracked interesting absolutely shattered okay phone number two phone number three and phone number four all right let's have a look that is an incredible result so the two phones consistently with the least amount of damage on them are the two cheap phones with the cheap cases so if you look at this poco x3 it's got sunscreen cracking but the screen is still completely usable and the oneplus nord looks like nothing's happened to it and i can actually tell you why because it looks like these cases have a little bit of a ridge on them which the rugged phones don't it's absolutely mad like look at these phones they are absolutely totaled the screens do seem to still be working but this is enough of a crack that you wouldn't really want to use them okay we've saved the biggest till the end there is one more test i'm going to show you in just a minute but you could probably already tell that rugged phones you probably shouldn't buy one like for these to make sense for you you would have to a be someone who just did not care about camera performance or even display b be someone who works in an extreme environment and c on top of that you would also have to be someone who is actually exposing their phone to those extremes like let's say even if i was like a construction worker and even if i was using a lot of high pressure jets at work i still don't really need my phone to be jet resistant right unless i actually think that i'm at risk of dropping it and then accidentally spraying it right up the usbc port now there are just two important things to bear in mind one that yes there are rugged phones out there that are better value for money like the doogee s96 pro which is about 300 but it's still not good value the second thing is that what i've seen a lot of these rugged phone companies do is put their own phone on sale like they're making so much of a margin that every now and again they'll just be like oh by the way guys if you hurry up you can buy this phone for 399 instead of 699 and they'll pitch this to customers as if it's some sort of legendary flash sale when actually the specs of the phones are so poor that even at 399 i still wouldn't recommend them okay it's the final test i feel like i don't need to explain this one we've got a golf club we've got some phones and uh i've got my ridiculous children's goggles because i don't actually have any proper lab glasses all right let's uh let's start with the rugged phones wow okay now this is the ulefone [Music] this is very satisfying okay it flew straight out of the case and i'm pretty sure into three parts oh dear and finally we're going to finish with the oneplus nord which has been the most durable phone in this process so far oh my goodness me that was a lot of pieces that was a lot of pieces okay let's assess the damage i don't think i've seen anything like that um okay so this let's start with the oneplus nord so that's the case uh that's the other part of the case uh oh my god so this is part of the phone [Music] that's absolutely unbelievable i wonder i wonder if the batteries exploded i think the point is is that a normal phone even with a rugged case cannot survive that okay what about the poco so this is the screen uh sorry this is the case this is the screen by the looks of it oh my lord [Music] it's absolutely destroyed again that that is a new record for this channel and i think the phone went over here this is what's left of it interestingly that the plastic on the back is completely intact and then that's the inside and again there's a mysterious battery disappearance i can see the two rugged phones here as well so this is oh my god this is the ulefone technically still in one piece so i suppose if you do accidentally hit your phone with a golf club a rugged phone will probably survive a little better but if you look inside you can see the entire circuitry it's it's done yeah and then this right here is the last rugged phone and it's a black view somehow you've actually still got a slight backlight going for the lcd screen but uh yeah i wouldn't i wouldn't recommend using it in this state okay if you enjoy my general style of videos you will almost definitely like brilliant the way i would describe it to people is as a way to make yourself better just sharper faster more knowledgeable you just pick a course it could be storytelling it could be coding it could be the science of logic and it teaches you all the key concepts of them in a way that really makes you wonder what were my actual teachers doing i've actually been doing this one all about how search engines work and it's kind of like you're learning it without realizing that you're learning it like one minute i was solving puzzles involving sherlock holmes the next i was answering questions about playing cards and then all of a sudden it's like bam chapter complete and i had this moment of whoa i actually understand it so i've left a special link in the description for brilliant and if you do click on that it will really help to support this channel it's free to try and if you do decide to go down the premium route then this link will also give you 20 off the normal price okay thank you so much for watching my name is aaron this is mr who's the boss and i'll catch you in the next one you


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