as the world is slowly beginning to find

normalcy again we have all likely been

keeping our eyes open for pieces of tech

quarantine certainly gave us a lot of

time to think and it is safe to assume

that some of us were likely hard at work

inventing new products to pitch to

viewers on the Internet in today's video

we'll be taking a look at several new

pieces of tech that are on another level

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couch bunker if you've ever found

yourself trapped in a 1980s mafia movie

you've likely thought to yourself I sure

wish my living room couch could double

as a fireproof gun safe with bulletproof

cushions that can be removed and used as

shields well now your dreams can become

realities couch bunker has you covered

for all of your various couch safe needs

couch bunker is an all new product that

fits the very specific needs of a

handful of people this couch has a built

in fireproof safe that can be used to

store various valuables if you ever find

yourself in need of a bulletproof shield

the cushions can be removed and strapped

onto your body they can stop a bullet at

point-blank range though they are an

optional upgrade the vault can be

accessed very quickly all you need to do

is remove the three cushions and the

vault is ready to be accessed from

underneath the sitting area is kept

closed with two locks though one key can

operate each of these locks the safe can

store up to 30 weapons we have no idea

how much these couches cost but you can

inquire about an order from the bed gun

safe website each couch is custom built

to suit the purchasers needs Morris zero

Morris zero is a device that aims to

reinvent the way that you dry your

clothes this is a desktop dryer that can

be placed almost anywhere in your home

it attaches to a standard wall outlet

and makes clothes drying far faster and

more effective than using a traditional

dryer the dryer will also disinfect your

clothes Morris uses a patented

technology that utilizes a vacuum system

to remove water and moisture from your


this helps water evaporate much faster

than it would in a normal dryer meaning

you can have dry clothes in a fraction

of the time it would take with a

standard dryer drying times can be

lowered to just 15 minutes saving you

energy and valuable time in your day

this reduced drying time equates to a

massive improvement in energy costs

lowering energy assumption by as much as

40% in addition to this the lower drying

time and lower temperature ensures that

your clothes will

far longer than they would in a standard

dryer these dryers are not currently

available for purchase but Morris hopes

to bring them to market in the near

future kasoori coffee warmer coffee cup

warmers have been around for many

decades but none are as easy to use and

maintain as the kasoori coffee mug

warmer this is considered to be one of

the best selling coffee warmers on

amazon it offers better thermal

conductivity than other warmers and is

made with the greatest quality around

this warmer has a touch-sensitive

display to allow you to dial in the

coffee temperature you prefer it can be

easily switched between Fahrenheit and

Celsius with temperature scales that are

incredibly accurate the mug that comes

along with the unit is FDA approved and

uses food grade steel offering a cool

touch handle the bottom of the mug is

completely flat so that it always makes

perfect contact with the heating plate

this eliminates any unwanted cooldown

while you're enjoying your beverage and

helps reheating times to be drastically

less the plate can rise to temperatures

of at least 230 degrees Fahrenheit

meaning your beverage can be anywhere

from 77 degrees to 158 degrees this is

one of the highest quality coffee

warmers money can buy and it is

available now for just $39 on Amazon


gibbs Biscay growing up you likely

always dreamed of having a vehicle that

could travel across both land and sea

many of us they dreamed about such

vehicles being created one day though

they never came there have been a

handful of vehicles that have been

created for this purpose over the years

but they have never been brought to the

public market until now gibbs Biscay is

a new motorcycle that is capable of

traveling on both land and water it can

reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour

on land and reach speeds of around 37

miles per hour in water this means that

regardless of where you are located this

bike can keep up with other

mass-produced vehicles so that you never

have to worry about traveling with

restrictions this bike is able to

transition from water to land in just a

few seconds and with minimal input from

the driver in less than 5 seconds you

can quickly switch from land to water

operation so that you'll never miss a

beat the bike is controlled by a two

cylinder 55 horsepower engine that runs

on standard gasoline if you're

interested in purchasing one of these

amphibious bikes just contact Gibbs

directly for an estimate


vocals vocals was a startup company that

was recently acquired by Google this is

a device that could be used to replace

your daily glasses providing you with

smart tech right in your lenses these

glasses can be used to respond to text

messages make phone calls check the

weather and so much more the company was

backed by Amazon for quite some time and

these glasses offered Alexa support the

glasses are very easy to operate they

can be ordered with prescription lenses

or clear lenses all you need to do is

wear the included ring that allows you

to navigate menus easily there's a small

thumb stick on the ring that lets you

sort through various menus from here you

could see all sorts of valuable data

that has been beamed from your phone

without ever removing your phone from

your pocket pricing on these glasses is

currently unknown

since the company was recently acquired

by the multi-billion dollar giant Google

but we hope to hear more from focus soon

armor 9 armor 9 is a new smartphone that

just recently achieved its goal on

Kickstarter the company was able to

raise over 40 thousand dollars for their

product and plans to bring it to market

very soon this is the world's first

thermal imaging equipped smartphone that

is designed for outdoor use this phone

is built with a ridiculously touch shell

so that it is virtually indestructible a

rigid bumper covers the unit to prevent

damage from Falls or impact the phone

runs on Android TenPoint oh and is built

with an octa-core processor it has a 64

megapixel rear camera that is capable of

displaying various types of thermal

images this phone is expected to launch

for about four hundred and twenty nine

dollars and will ship from Hong Kong

sometime this year


Mary Mary is a fully automated home

growing device that can help you raise

an indoor garden without having to learn

all the difficult techniques involved

with raising a garden with artificial sunlight this device launched on IndieGoGo and was priced at one thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars the product was created with an adaptable growing system that was equipped with artificial intelligence to accurately predict the growth cycles of your plants it offered a multi-directional lighting system and several easy-to-use nutrients that would give your plants essential vitamins the entire system can be trolled by an app and offered LED illumination and a nightlight for use after dark it seemed as though the company has put the project on hold for the moment but hopefully it will return to market soon [Music] stop sleep stop sleep is an anti sleep alarm for drivers who may be operating a vehicle while they are drowsy this device attaches to your fingers and can detect when you begin to get drowsy or tired while driving it will then alert you up to five minutes before you fall asleep ensuring you are always awake and alert to changing road conditions while your vehicles in motion this device has been scientifically tested by the NCS R and is recommended for use during any road trip it offers a super-fast charging time and can be used for many hours even if you're not prone to getting sleepy while driving this is a great device to have on any road trip long hours on the road can be taxing on any of us and you may begin to fall asleep without realizing it this device will make sure that you and any passengers remain safe for the duration of the trip pricing for these devices is not currently available online but we imagine they are quite inexpensive if you are able to locate them for sale you


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