okay i really don't like calling out

other people

but this has gotten bad fake tech

reviewers to which you might be thinking

what does that even mean

so when a company launches a new tech

product let's say a smartphone there is

almost always

let's say 80 of the time something

called an

embargo period where the company's

basically saying to the media

okay on our launch day you can make a

video about our phone

but you can only make a video about our

phone if it's a first impressions video

and if these reviewers then wanted to

make anything more detailed than that

like a full review or a camera


then they have to wait till the embargo

date to do it which is usually something

like two weeks after launch

and this is the reason why it seems like

for a lot of products

every reviewer literally drops their

reviews at the exact same minute

it's not telepathic communication it's

just that's when the embargo lifts

now to be honest i think the whole thing

is kind of a bit

cheeky because it means that a the

company is almost telling reviewers what

they can and can't talk about for their

first videos

and so those first videos are generally

positive but also b

it kind of forces the media to give them

two separate waves of coverage

but that's not really the point of the

video the point of this video is that

this whole embargo situation

creates an opportunity in that two-week

window between when a phone is announced

and when all the proper reviews come out youtube becomes full of fake reviews literally entire 10 minute videos of people pretending they have the phone and making fake content about it like take a look at this a google pixel 5 hands-on camera review okay well that sounds pretty respectable except this video is none of those three things you never see the phone it's like the exact opposite of a hands-on it's not a camera review because well aside from the fact that not a single word is spoken it's a slideshow and it's definitely definitely not about a google pixel 5. like aside from the fact that it's already unlikely that someone outside of the media and outside google actually had this phone on launch if you look a little closer you realize that these photos are taken in at least three different countries now would a person who just received a world exclusive opportunity to test a phone before anyone else really think to themselves you know what i'm going to do i'm going to take a world trip just for some shop variety but this person clearly cares about the quality of their videos so not to mention that these photos look nothing like each other the quality the aspect ratios the color processing literally changes between each one it almost looks like the person who made this just googled the word photo and then took the first 15 results and dropped them into a youtube video okay what about this one a samsung galaxy a8 versus samsung galaxy s8 camera comparison mid-range versus flagship and you can see very clearly how people might believe this you've got two phones the flagship shots do look a bit better by most metrics this appears to be a pretty standard camera comparison but wait a second this review of the 2018 galaxy a8 was posted in 2017. it's somehow literally the first piece of content on the internet about this phone i searched for ages and ages and ages and i couldn't find anything from any other traditional media outlet made before 2018 and oh right yeah that's because the phone wasn't even available then and if you look a little closer you'll realize that the photos they're showing they can't possibly be from the phones they're claiming they're from because this mid-range galaxy a8 has a tiny camera sensor it's smaller than even the s8 and so it shouldn't in any world be able to create more background blur than that phone and yet for some reason here it does and it's not like this video is sitting on 12 views and i'm just kicking up a fuss about nothing it's almost on a million and the comment section is just full of people who are picking apart the images analyzing the photographs and really trying to use them to make the right buying decision people are like thank you so much this video helped me come to a conclusion or the only difference i can see is saturation so i'm just going to go for the cheaper one this is a legitimate problem like i spend so much of my time going through my scripts again and again and again cutting bits out and making sure that everything i tell you is as concise and as accurate as i can because your time's valuable and so it's just annoying to see that there are people out there effectively exploiting viewers for the sake of earning a bit of adsense revenue the same channel has an iphone 10 versus galaxy s9 plus camera comparison again though what are the chances that this person a received a galaxy s9 on launch day itself b they had one and managed to somehow slip through the whole review embargo fiasco and c manage to do all that set it up film a camera comparison edit it and post it the same day everybody loses from this situation the company because their product is not being done justice the consumer because you're made to make buying decisions based on completely wrong information and even the media because clearly a lot of people are watching and learning from these fake reviews and so presumably a good proportion of those people will feel like they don't need to watch any more mainstream coverage because they already know what they need to know about this phone or so they think and if you're enjoying this video then the sub to the channel would be try again [Music] sweet i'm not gonna name the channel but like they have well over a hundred thousand subscribers and fifty million views and the worst part of this is that it is not just one channel the more i looked into it the more i just kept discovering more and more of these and by the time i got to 25 i realized this is a widespread youtube issue and these channels like the videos they're making are literally every bad youtube stereotype thrown together like take a look at these thumbnails not only are pretty much none of them actually taken on a phone at all let alone these specific phones that they're claiming they're taken on but also they almost without fail by using either some sort of european model to try and get more clicks or failing that youtubers i feel like i've seen just about every tech youtubers face in the last two days or on videos that don't belong to them i even found me a few times which is really weird to see because they've actually edited my thumbnail in a semi-convincing way that kind of looks like i'd done it it's just bad and hey i get it youtube is hard and i know what it's like to pour your heart and soul into videos and for to get very little recognition but long term this is not the way to succeed on the platform the content has to be genuine i can also see the funny side to this i watched a supposed huawei zoom test where they showed how the huawei can zoom in 30 times and still get a sharp result except bro you literally just zoomed in two times just look at this this is one times this is apparently 30 times one times 30 times i give up it's actually not even just camera test though like the more i looked into it the more i realized that for pretty much everything that can be faked there will be fakes out there like the other day i was actually doing some research on this new xiaomi mi 11 that's just been announced because it looks like a monster of a phone so i was kind of excited to see that one of the first things that popped up was a gaming test great that's going to be amazing to see but the only time you actually see the phone is in the thumbnail and as you probably know by now thumbnails are very easy to manipulate i'm telling you now that no matter what this title says it is this is not xiaomi mi 11 gameplay if i'm wrong about this i will literally give every single person watching this video a xiaomi 11 to themselves you can tell because it was posted on december 28th which is the same day of the china only launch event this phone is meant to be the first of the next generation and yet the graphics and frame rate in this video look like something out of a mid-ranger but most incriminating is that at one point it looks like they accidentally pull down the status bar and it's very clearly a samsung phone or there was one here which claimed to be the first video to test the next gen snapdragon 888 chipset well aside from the fact that again the first snapdragon 888 phone wasn't even released at this point if you scroll down to the comments this person is claiming that the chip has an antutu benchmark score of 850 000 as if there's some sort of insider leaking information but it doesn't it's not even close to that anyways the point of this video is not to go start leaving hate comments on these videos no please don't do that it's just for you it's just for you if you're trying to make a purchase decision and you just so happen to find yourself on one of these videos so i'm just gonna leave you a couple of things to look out for one if the channel you're watching has disabled the like to dislike ratio or disabled comments that should be a pretty immediate red flag because on youtube by default those two things are turned on and so if they're off it means that whoever owns that channel has actively turned them off which might be an indication that they're trying to hide something and the second thing to look out for the one thing that i found in common with every one of these spam fake channels is the fact that they were all faceless which makes sense because naturally if you're doing something that's disingenuous you're not going to want to associate it with your identity so what i found is with almost every single one of these channels you would only ever see their hands or failing that just literally a screen recording or a camera sample or some sort of thing that doesn't reveal who they are and that also followed through to their social profiles like i don't think a single one of these channels had a twitter account or an instagram so just something to keep an eye out for i've only showed you the smartphone related examples but you can bet your bottom dollar that this will happen with the pc market with the console market with the camera market with pretty much everything to do with tech so stay vigilant thank you for watching my name is aaron this is mr who's the boss and i'll catch you in the next one you


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