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eight camp stove two you can now turn

fire into electricity using bio light's

award-winning stove

the patented technology works by

creating a small vortex

of smokeless flames that can be used as

a portable campfire

allowing you to cook full meals charge

any electronics to may have

or keep yourself warm all at the same


you can now leave hefty gas canisters

behind and save money while doing so

the camp stove 2 is available now at

select retailers

for just 129 us dollars

most camp stove bundles even included an

added flex light

which can be used to ignite your

surroundings such as brush

sticks twigs and more to keep yourself

warm for even longer

each device allows up to three watts of

energy to be produced

allowing you to charge up to a 2600 mah


in a relatively short amount of time

7. tenebot this next product

will be an excellent addition to any

athlete's collection of gear

and is known as tenebot this small


machine eliminates the tedious task of

collecting your tennis balls

during a workout or training session

gone are the days of spending 50 percent

of your time

collecting any balls that you may have

misshot as this bot can intelligently

locate any missing balls and retrieve

them without you

having to lift a finger the tenobot

comes equipped with a scoop-like


located on the front of the unit that

forces your balls through the machine

and into the dump container on the back

of the unit after all balls have been


the container can be emptied into your

storage bin and the ball's cane

reused at a later time the tenabot

first launched on kickstarter with an

asking price of 700

but for any professional tennis player

this device

is certainly worth the investment

6. mpad balance trainer the mpad

balance trainer is a product designed to

increase the user's balance and core

muscle strength

with a tilt and swivel motion allegedly

mimicking real-life workout movements

the device is even compatible with an

app that allows the user to play

interactive games

take part in training programs and even


instability tests that you can then

review on your smartphone or television

you can also track your workouts and see

how your balance and speed has increased

over time

the mpad offers a textured surface that

provides increased traction for longer

lasting sessions

and is even suitable for the elderly

when used in a controlled environment

it is collapsible and portable allowing

it to fit directly into your gym bag or


it will not leave marks on your flooring

and was designed to last for many years

to come

without the need for repair or


5. lockbook the lockbook is a brand new

device designed by

fplife technology based in hong kong

this personalized notebook provides

excellent security by offering a

biometric fingerprint sensor

to secure your writings and be

customized in many ways to suit your


the lockbook first launched on indiegogo

a short while back

where it managed to achieve over double

its projected goal in a reasonably short


it is now available from several online


though since most of these products are

still shipping from hong kong

you should expect shipping to take a

while the lockbook

can be found online for prices around 79

us dollars

this device is considered to be an

all-in-one notebook where you can store

personal documents private information

or even computer passwords the only

person allowed to access the notebook is


considering that it will only unlock

with your fingerprint check it out today

as this device will be a great addition

to any household

and is a perfect alternative to a

traditional lockbox

for a professional businessman or woman

this device is a must-have to keep

those important documents safe

4. makuu formbox the meku formbox is a

revolutionary technology

that functions somewhat similarly to a

3d printer

though in a way the user is responsible

for the so-called

printing this device allows the user to

make customizable molds

that can be used for seemingly endless

purposes such as arts and crafts

home repairs cooking and so much more

most molds can be created in a matter of

seconds allowing you to speed along your

development cycle

this device is excellent for any creator

large scale or small

and can be used in an almost

unimaginably large number of


all you need to do is locate the shape

you want to mold

place it in the form box then allow the

form box to press down over the top of

your object

creating a plastic mold in seconds you

can then

fill the mold with any material of your

choosing maybe resin

chocolate clay anything

this mold then can be reused an endless

number of times

the form box is available online for 699

us dollars

and is a must-have for anyone interested

in creating

or customizing forms or molds of their


3. river power bank the river power bank

is a product that debuted several years


but has now been rebranded as the

eco-flow riverbank

this device gained over 1 million

dollars in crowdfunding

and was designed to be compliant with

most airplane travel restrictions

this device offers one of the largest

rechargeable batteries on the market

and can be used to power anything from a

cell phone to

small appliances the riverbank can

maintain a charge for several years

before needing to be recharged and its

small form factor

means that the device can be carried

nearly anywhere and stored in any bag

or vehicle without taking up much room

the riverbank is also modular

meaning that its less crucial components

can be removed

and stored away when they are not needed

allowing for an even more portable


the main module for the riverbank can be

found online for around 199

though it is currently unavailable for

sale through the retailer

you may have better luck locating this

item on amazon or other online retailers

and can often even find it bundled

together with other accessories

or components that are not available in

the standard purchase package

2. groove gear club bag the groove gear

club bag is a technology minded backpack

that is designed to be used by

technology enthusiasts

who are always on the move it can store

laptops up to 15 inches wide

and even offer specialty compartments

for eyewear and headphones

side compartments are included for power

cables and chargers

there are even shelves and drawers

located in the side compartments

that allow you to quickly organize your

smaller electronics

or repair components without them being

scrambled around

inside of your bag the bag is tsa friendly and can be used on nearly any airline flight around the world without hassle these bags comfortably fit into the upper cargo storage area of the flight so that you don't have to worry about your products being broken during transportation in the luggage compartment by secu smart bike lock the bisecu smart bike lock is the self-proclaimed smarted bike lock in the world it offers a non-cuttable design with a lock that isn't even visible to the naked eye it can measure your speeds distance and movements and even provides an alarm and theft notification system to alert you if someone has moved your bike or attempted to tamper with it in any way the device also allows for an auto unlock feature that will disable the lock temporarily any time you are close to it and locks itself again once you have walked away you can even share your bike with friends through the dedicated smartphone app so that they can use the bike when you are away a single charge will last the lock for up to six months without needing to be recharged this device can be purchased online for around 129 though it is frequently seen on sale as a result of discount codes or holidays there are several different versions of the bisecu smart bike lock with some even including a headlight assembly for easier night riding its subtle design allows you to lock and ride your bike in style without the need for hefty or unsightly cables or chains you


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