24 Hours Underground Inside A Giant Gold Mine

 i just want you to all say that you know

where you are

and there was no uh threats or anything

about you or not

you're not kidnapped or anything like

that you came on your own volition here

and then when we're gonna leave we won't

see you till the morning when this

candle goes out

that's how you'll be spending the night

all right hello everybody come here


let's sit down together we should all

sit down together i'm talking

welcome to season two of 2021. thomas is

back in the us so that's uh

that's another big distinctive factors

that the first episode

is the first one that we filmed together

in i want to say

eight months yeah we spent 24 hours in a

gold mine

about 2000 feet underground so 2000

3000 feet underground so we're going to

kill this season with this episode and

how many episodes in the season

10 episodes so for the next 10 sundays

every sunday at 10 a.m

we go live with a new video without

further ado enjoy the first episode of


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what why am i what

the wild west a place where many men

and women came seeking fortune

okay i'm just kidding i'll stop the

accent but to understand

why we're all the way out here we have

to rewind

170 years


in 1849 the world got word of the

existence of gold in california

after a man saw something shiny floating

down a river only to find that it was

big chunks

of gold as the word spread it started a

massive influx of people from the rest

of the country

europe south america and asia beginning

the period we now know as the california

gold rush

this was a completely wild and largely

lawless time in california's history and

a little over a year the population

multiplied almost

10 times having lived in california for


five years now we've never really

explored this part of the state's


so to immerse ourselves into this part

of history we'll be spending a full

24 hours inside one of the most famous

gold mines in all of california

several thousand feet underground the 16

to one mine the mine is like an

underground city right there's probably

150 200 miles of tunnels in the mine

what yeah it's a huge line

this will be ammar and i's first

adventure since i'm back into the us

alongside our cinematographer friend


i've also panicked in closed spaces

before and don't do well with heights

so i'll be doing my absolute best to

stay calm because once we're inside

there's no coming out of that mine for a

full 24 hours

our venture started with a two-hour

drive to the extremely remote town of

allegheny california we just passed by

the sign of this town it's that

population 58 people

literally just little cabins where we

met a few of the local miners pleasure

great to meet

to meet you hey this is the longest

you're going to be underground yeah

until you're dead

before you guys got any advance first

aid or emt



you've got faith that's all i have

that's what i've got since no phone

service reached us

in the woods they had to escort us for

30 minutes further out

so this is the historic tiny little

hamlet of allegheny lots of old crusty

miners here

wow yeah let's go ahead and say hi hello

hi how are you doing hello

these guys have everything they need oh

yeah we'll see

after meeting the owner mike he showed

us around the town and broke down for us

the risks

we were about to take so if this is the

800 level

the 1300 level will be somewhere here

and it goes down to the 2400 level and

then down to the 3 000 level

will it be the deepest night sleep we've

ever had

definitely question have you have you

ever let a group sleep in there

no oh so we're this is the first time

you've ever this one here was where

there were some mountain lion footprints

what inside yeah oh yeah yeah that's why

we definitely let's lock the doors then

we're gonna have a

wonderful trip down there there's gonna

be a lot of things that

people don't normally see but when

you're down there please don't wander


i've watched just a little bit about

what you guys do and it's really great

but this is not the place to just go

wandering off by yourselves that's just


and everything is sharp

quartz is very sharp it will cut you

this is probably one of the most

important part of whatever's going on

now that you get

whatever you need because there's no

coming out no coming out

get a little bit anxious walking in

there you know it'll be fine

sure it'll be fine that's what they all


love it great


wow entering the 16-1 mine

24 hours will be out


wow it is dripping in here i have zero


of what this looks like you immediately

feel the temperature drop though

we are going deep


very good this is a crazy experience we

haven't even

gotten like past 100 feet yet are we

walking from here

yes the next thing we'll see is the um

electrical room

we have i wouldn't even know how many

miles of electrical wires in the mine

the mine's 35 miles of levels

there's probably 15 or 20 miles of

electrical lines are we

going down in there we're going down

there that's the doorway to hell

oh my god dude we are going deep

oh this is terrifying this is the

steepest set of stairs you've ever seen

look at this

their way to heaven or to hell that's

for sure

oh my god what are we doing for a living

some steps are a lot smaller definitely

look at each step as you're going

remember this isn't a cave every bit

that you see here was

uh excavated by a human hand wow we're

going deeper

are you kidding me he laughs at a lot of

my questions

now we're going much deeper and you're

also going to have to start crouching

for the first time

and i guarantee you'll hit your hard hat

mars carrying all the camping gear what

are you doing the bees the

crouching now is the

and you really want to you don't want to

fall down holy if someone is just

slightly uncomfortable with heights

i'm going to go down first on this one

and i'll tell you why if you

fall i'm going to try to stop you so

when you're coming down and someone's

going to fall

on you you're going to try to stop them

yeah okay boy this is going to be tough

on you guys packing things

let's do a three-way relay and then we

just pass down



you good yeah yeah you got it buddy yeah

got it we doing it

oh you guys it's just that we get it


you got it pretty deep huh


we're kidding when we said we're going

deep huh it's taking us about

over an hour to get down here we still

got a ways we still got more yeah

this is a really sick adventure yeah i

just gotta say yeah one of the most


places that we'll ever get to spend the

night in yeah

i think that could be the entrance to

the ballroom

wow this is our home for the night huh


you know our eyes have been in the dark

except for our own lights for quite a


but our pupils have changed this isn't

that white but

it's amazing how it's how it's really

going to reflect danny dave and i are

going to leave pretty soon

i just want you to all say that you know

where you are and then when we're going

to leave we won't see you till the

morning yes

you really will be on your own and this

is this was my biggest concern

and you know we talked about it and uh

it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience and

you're the first guys to experience this

well we're honored thank you for letting

us in here we promise we'll take care of

it and if we find any gold we'll bring

it to you

that's the only promise i need

we're not getting out by ourselves right

you guys are coming to get us

no we're not gonna come and get you

we're go we're gonna go home how are we

getting out

with your two feet walking i get that

nice job yes enjoy your in the morning

in the morning with a lot of goals yeah

all right sweet dreams

was it the plan that we were supposed to

get out ourselves because i wasn't in

the loop on that part of the plan

i thought he was jerking the whole time

and i was like ah there's no way and

we've seen how we came down there's so


parts that you could trip on and

actually it might take two hours to get

out so we have to like start trekking in

the morning at some point

they were helping us carry yeah we're

carrying most of that

yeah that's the plan

great well it's not even been um

two hours and

just gotta do a number two all right

we'll see in a bit

don't get lost taking a sh that would be

the worst way to die

here he is that's me why does he seem so

proud of it

it's like a five-year-old

here's what's on the menu pork pad thai

kung pao beef hearty beef stew

for my big boy


whoa it's turning into food yeah what


well at least the marble up his mattress

six hours before we're going to sleep

get off my kids guys get off my

are you looking for something else to do

you bored again it actually turns into

to feel locked like that and to feel

like i can't go anywhere or like it's

like a part joking but apart hate this

i hate this i think my least favorite

memory is going on the

raft they hated having me i hated being

there it was the whole line yard of a

terrible experience

on everyone how do you pass time in a

in a mine should we go explore

when you're down there sleeping please

don't wander around yeah

that's a good idea okay we're gonna go

exploring down here

let's find some gold huh hell yeah


no gold yeah i get that took about 15

years to do this

i don't got some nice quartz for that's

the course


oh i guess that's a

game for me sweden destroys the pharaoh

back there

you see i'm not a talker of a player

i'll play good the whole game i won't

say a word he scores too and

just like the whole world is

his oyster you're back in your corner


okay now shake hands


well you know only what 14 more hours to

go or something


mars mattress just lost all its air

we're about an hour away from going to


will you put it down on sharp rock do

you think band-aids will work

well that's not great

i i was so keen to blow my mattress up

and like

lay on it i was like damn this is gonna

be such good sleep and here we are

okay all lights are off down in the mine

i hope we sleep for like 12 hours

turning off the lights

and we're gonna experience complete


and silence see you tomorrow

okay i've had to move because sleeping

next to mars like sleeping like the

next freaking train can't sleep down


here's my new bed i've walked almost all

the way down the cave

you can still hear it snoring hear that

corey are you moving

can you not sleep either

well that's why you wear a helmet

i'm in my underwear but it's freezing

down here

what are you doing

grizzly bear i'm gonna put my mattress

here in the middle we're just clearing


that was a proper little operation

hopefully we won't slide down that

staircase that's

right there you know i guess now you

know why they don't sleep down here

themselves because it sucks

okay it is 8 am i just woke up

i slept with corey and thomas both next

to me last night

and i woke up in the middle of the night

to go to the bathroom and they were both

not next to me

i must have snored really loud

it's 8 45. we did it we did the night

time to make the trick down for some


it was that bad yeah we went to a hotel


so we're gonna finish breakfast clean up

the camp and hopefully

get the hell out of here huh

this is it say goodbye guys say goodbye

to our home

buy home oh my god this uphill is not

going to be fun

ammar's also carrying all the weight so

i got about 2 500 feet to climb

from like underneath the mountain is

this what's holding us

all these trees are broken uh we're good

wait it says second exit there but i

think second exit is probably where we


but look but that's the second exit

there too

i mean it's probably here right we just

came from here i'm just gonna go into

some dark train tracks are you serious

oh my god what probably

this will take us to another okay this

one is the other way where we can go off

walking through these train tracks it's


us in the tracks at the moment every

time i like try to examine it's all

so fragile look it's like it feels like

if i

i could like take this out and then

train coming are they coming to get us

watch that you're in a turn

who's there i let you pack your gear out


amazing you guys worried oh i knew you

had a plan

we're making it we're making some

progress let's hop on huh

right out in style wow

see the light at the end right now

the sun exists they said it would be

hard to adjust but this is

a lot while coming out of that cave we

had never been so grateful to see

sunlight again and we were all relieved

especially the owner of the mind mike

to see that we all came out safely one

of the primary reasons why we are

seeking experiences that get us out of

our comfort zones is because we have

embraced the fact that all of our lives

have an expiration date and our goal is

to get to 80 years old

and feel exhausted from having lived our


at 100 being able to look back at our

collection of memories proud

of everything we did and let's just say

we're guaranteed to remember

this very unusual night for the rest of

our lives

our ultimate goal with yes theory is to

create an environment and empower those

of you watching to go out and find ways

of seeking discomfort

in your own lives whether internally

through personal growth or externally by

finding safe yet exciting adventures to

go on with friends

and people around you alright guys this

was 24 hours inside a gold mine first

episode thomas and i filmed together

yeah so you got back to the us but

before we go just want to ask you to

subscribe if you're not

again 50 of you watching right now

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