the first gadget is something that calls

itself the Wonder cute that's a pretty

bold statement it claims to combine all

your smartphone essentials into this one

tiny little piece here as if it starters

it's a charging cable one end has a

microUSB for your phone or USB see if using this adapter and the other end plugs into a charger it's a keyring it's a torch and you can slip a 128 gig microSD card into here to add storage to your phone there's more it's also if you peel this back a sticky pad so you can whack it onto the back of your small phone and all of a sudden you've got a stand so you can watch more small phone gadget videos and this one's really wacky if you're running out of battery on the go you can open it up here where you can physically attach a 9-volt battery and it will use it to send power to your phone it's a cool feature just a weird one like who actually goes about their day-to-day life with a spare 9-volt battery in their pocket anyways get your number two is one of the most impressive products I've seen this side of 20/20 I'd go as far as to say that this is a projector done right as well as the main bulb you've got an autofocus module so you shine this onto a new wall give it five seconds and the picture is pin-sharp plus it auto corrects its own aspect ratio depending on the angle of projection say for example I could sit it on the floor pointing upwards or I could put on a table next to me pointing sideways and it will auto correct too still having a flat picture in front of you it pumps out surprising brightness for its pint-sized stature the audio is loud and punchy energy if you press this button here it turns into a dedicated Bluetooth speaker and it can do all of that whilst having an inbuilt battery that'll give it four hours of continuous Wireless projection it's even Android powered so it has apps of its own Netflix and YouTube etc but what I've been doing is plugging my phone directly into it and watching content that way it's not a cheap product but it is a good product these are the Marshall one to two active noise-cancelling headphones and in my eyes aside from the sound quality and the new fancy swivel design there's four cool differentiating factors with these and thanks to Marshall for sponsoring this include so as the name suggests active noise cancellation 10 levels of it so if you open the Marshall app you can adjust the amount of outside noise you want to be able to hear and at its maximum it gives you that same sense of sitting in a bubble that you get with other top-end headsets the battery life is seriously good you're getting up to 30 hours with noise cancellation turned on and for 45 hours without and then range you're probably not gonna leave these headphones and go wandering in public but if you're at home just listening away the range has been so impressive that I was leaving my phone upstairs and just taking the headphones down and the connection wouldn't drop and finally relevant to your smartphone you've got a Google assistant button which does exactly what it says on the tin and a control knob which gives you remote control of your phone okay let's go simple for a minutes this is the title here to make your charging experience easier so it fits over your charging brick hides your cables and means that your phone can be standing upright in case you still want to use it while that battery is taking up if you like art and you like the smartphone's mural is a treat an expensive treat mind you but as far as I've seen it's one of a kind so as you can probably tell it looks an awful lot like a framed painting but it's blank well this blank space you can fill with anything I know smart painting frames a lot of times pill life using the app you can flick between famous paintings from around the world you've got motion artworks which I think take better advantage of the tech or even just straight up photos from your camera roll and it has a few features that make it more than just a TV that sits on your wall there's an ambient sensor which scales the brightness of the painting according to your room's brightness and the cool thing here is that it'll also know when you've turned the lights off and it'll switch itself off you've got that screen which itself is coated in a matte layer that genuinely makes paintings look like paintings it's got auto rotate it'll know which way up it is and offer you a library of content that suits that orientation plus gestures one wave of your hand and the all work changes or if you're more one for routines you can set that up to cycle between art at specific time it's pricey and you've got to find a creative way to hide that cable but oh no I'm a fan of this one and more for a bit of fun really I saw this charger online and it's just wacky so I decided to check it out if you've got one of these new phones which charge with ultra fast speeds this probably isn't for you but it does have a few cool features and matte finish LED lights on the inside if you're into that and dual USB ports to charge two things at once I've shown you guys a couple of external smartphone monitors already in past episodes but none better than this one right here the FEI tech flat you're looking at a twelve point five inch 1080p screen that basically lets you see whatever's on your phone but bigger and three things I was surprised by here first of all just how slim it is you're obviously going to need some sort of backpack to carry it in but in terms of the volume and the weight it's barely there the second thing is that inside the rather nice pouch that comes with it you get a frankly genius stand it's not the prettiest but as far as having something practical that can be folded into any shape or plate and thirdly the clincher is that this in itself is actually a 10-point capacitive touchscreen so it's not just that it can show what your phone is showing is that you can actually use this instead of your phone the only two things to bear in mind is that it doesn't have a built in battery of its own so you have to keep it plugged into some sort of battery bank to make it work and the I just wish it was brighter you might struggle in broad daylight Volta Minh is a company that claimed to make world's number-one smart wallet - which you might be thinking I didn't even know that was a product category is nothing sacred anymore oh it kind of surprised me if you can deal with the price and the extra thickness that comes with having something like this there's a lot going on here for example protection from losing it at any point in time you can log on online and see the exact GPS coordinates of this wallet and if you just dropped it behind the sofa for example it's got an alarm in it which you can make it ring but cooler still is that it's got a built in camera to take photos of any potential thief and send them to you and then there's the fact that a lot of this thickness comes from a built in battery and it's not a small battery either the actual amount depends on exactly which type of wallet you go for but to give you an idea this bifold one has 2600 milliamp hours of juice that's enough to give almost any fern a 50% charge and it can do that wirelessly what is strange though is that the smartphone app looks beautiful on iOS and just terrible on Android I don't know what's going on there there's a lot of naff Bluetooth keyboards out there the ones with either tiny fidgety keys or just some sort of serious latency issue well this isn't one of them in fact so far this is my favorite bluetooth keyboard for smartphones primarily because of this folding mechanism it allows you to fit what is essentially a full quality laptop keyboards into a much smaller frame the two downsides I'd say of it first of all it is small enough to fit into my pocket but it might not be small enough to fit into yours and the other one is just that occasionally when I'm typing on a not so flat surface it can sometimes fold up a little bit but any reasonably solid surface is absolutely fine to type on combine this with that monitor I showed you earlier and this is starting to feel less and less like working on a phone as you know it ok a selfie stick believe it or not I'm not much of a selfie person but I love the direction the company has gone in here there's a single sturdy handle and the extendable stick just kind of falls out from there reaching a maximum of about half a meter nothing crazy but hidden here is almost a pro level bit of kit for starters it can double as an adjustable stand for watching videos it can screw into a tripod with this little connection on the bottom so you can take those stabilized nighttime photos and the top allows you to mount a microphone or an LED light the cherry on top here is that the Bluetooth remote that you use to take the selfies you can actually slide it out so you can use it remotely you can use the stand to rest the phone on a table step three meters away and then take a photo from a distance if you're enjoying the video by the way a sub to the channel would be amazing this stuff takes an age to get together okay also from the same company is a product that I think is a cool concept but has questionable execution it's a stylus one that Clips magnetically onto the back of your phone call they can also do the same stuff that the shutter button I showed you before code like remotely take photos I'd even go as far as to say it's a nice pen to use it's just that it doesn't really offer any more accuracy than your anger is just for people who like the idea of using a pen now for something wearable this is the tip watch pro 2020 and I've been using it for about three and a half weeks now which is as long as I have ever used a small watch but I will preface this by saying I'm not personally a fan of small watches in general the idea of having yet another thing that's buzzing and sending the notifications but as far as small watches go this does a lot of things that I appreciate compared to the company's last model it's got twice the RAM and supposedly military level durability which I haven't put to the test yet but I can say there isn't a scratch on the surface yet and probably the coolest part of this watch is that it has two displays stacked on top of each other your standard Smart Watch AMOLED screen but also an old-school LCD for battery I guess is for people who want to have full Smart Watch features like the fitness capabilities but who don't need a Smart Watch viewing experience all the time like if you just use the LCD display this thing has 30 days of battery life now I talked a lot about great smartphone gadgets that I love using all these videos this is not one of them I bought it specifically to make a point that different is not always good this is the jam jar it's a Bluetooth speaker with some quite strange engineering decisions like the fact that the main speaker is actually firing downwards directly onto the surface that it's standing on what it wants you to do is to pair your phone via bluetooth place your phone inside and then use a separate remote to control your music who thought of this like who's Eureka moment was it to place their phone inside a glass box and then instead of controlling music using a phone like a normal person to then pick up a remote to do it which has a three foot range on a good day product design done right product design done wrong welcome to something that means my business this for people who hoard gadgets the kind of person who works on my phone tablet and laptop at the same time I am proudly calling this one the power tower you're looking at basically an extension lead with six mains ports on it you've got four full-size USB ports and then for your smartphone on top is a 10 watt 2 wireless charger also cool is you can rotate it to draw back in the cable so it's not making a mess on your table it is fairly cheap feeling plastic but it looks good just sitting on your desk now war most more relevant than ever glass wipes and none have tried are better than slices the company do you have a separate wipe just for smartphones but for my experience these multi-purpose wands work amazingly and actually as well as small phones nothing has cleaned my macbook screen better than this the liquid formula they've put on these it just seems to slice through all those deep fingerprint smudges that build up over time and it gives you that nice new tech product feeling it's fast drying it doesn't scratch and it won't leave streaks on your screens alright so I found a company recently that I really like they make neat looking gadgets with high quality finishes like these and they all seem to have one extra trick so for example this right here is a tiny dock for your phone with the three ports you'd probably expect a USB C and HDMI and a USB a but then flick to the left you've got a headphone jack - that's cool but then we've got the dock wave which is probably a better example of this idea on the face of it it's a USBC dock you're looking at a whole series of ports and connectors and you probably don't need telling what they do you can connect your microSD cards to your laptop or you can use this with some phones to connect them to a TV if all you have is a normal HDMI cable but the dock wave also triples as a five thousand milliamp hour battery and as a wireless charger but only with five watts of power and their third product i liked is the multi device charging station - which you might be thinking why not just call it a wireless charger like normal people well it is a wireless charger with space for two devices at the same time and quite a nice one but the cherry on top is that you also get a USB a port and a USB C port so in total you can charge for things at the same time here none of them at maximum speed mind you but if you're charging overnight that probably doesn't matter too much now for the olloclip I love the idea of this product you'll see what I mean in a second so you open the box and you get this and it's actually two things slide out the clear section and this is a standard for your phone leaving this alien-looking piece which actually allows you to attach camera modules onto both the back and the front of your phone the system works great modules snap into place with a reassuring click and you can interchange them freely but I just wish there was a bigger range of really high quality lenses to choose from as far as a system for doing this this is the best I've ever used but the lenses themselves are ok I've got a whole series of smartphone gadgets videos on this channel so I'll link them somewhere up here and if you enjoyed this do consider subscribing that would be incredible these videos take an absolute age to put together but I hope you like them thanks for watching my name is Aaron this is mr. he's the boss I'll catch you in [Music]


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